5 Reasons Why Theme Parks are Great for Adults

25 April, 2024

As an adult, the weeks can start to feel a little mundane. If you’re looking for something to shake up your weekend plans and do something with a little more exhilaration, why not visit a theme park?

Whether it’s with your mates, your family, going solo or just your partner, a theme park as an adult is a fantastic day out that should be experienced by anyone who enjoyed theme parks as a kid, or even those that never got the chance to ride a white-knuckle rollercoaster.

Why should adults visit a theme park?

Adults should visit a theme park for many of the same reasons that children should visit. A theme park provides a great opportunity to forget about the worries of every day life and spend the day doing nothing but enjoying yourself.

There aren’t many places where this can be achieved for adults, and even fewer that are appropriate for all ages, which is why we believe that a theme park is the best place for adults to have a brilliant day out.

If you enjoyed theme parks as a kid, or perhaps you always wanted to go, then there’s no time like the present to tick off a bucket list activity.

Exhilarating rides

The main reason that a theme park is set apart from other activities are the exciting, adrenaline-fuelled rides that are guaranteed to get your heart thumping and leave you feeling elated.

We’re particularly proud of our big thrill rides such as Megafobia, Speed and Drenched, each offering a unique way to thrill yourself. Megafobia is known for being one of the best wooden rollercoasters in the UK, Speed is known for its beyond vertical drop, and Drenched is sure to soak you to the bone!

If you’d like to ease yourself in to the world of rollercoasters, then we also have several tamer rides on offer such as Dizzy Disk, Bobsleigh and The Creepy Crawler.

Themed events

As well as rollercoasters and rides, here at Oakwood Theme Park there are also brilliant events throughout the year, such as Oktoberfest and After Dark, in addition to special events for Halloween and bank holidays or school holidays, allowing for a day of thrills with evenings of brilliant firework displays and live action performances.

As with everything at Oakwood, these events offer brilliant entertainment for the whole family, not just adults or kids, making them a great option for a family day out during half-term (or any time)! All of our events are included in your ticket price, so there’s no extra charge to come along.

Group bookings available

Looking to get your school friends back together?  Or maybe it’s your best friend’s birthday. At Oakwood Theme Park, we’ve made group bookings easier than ever, making it a fantastic option for anyone looking for an exciting, grown up day out.

If it’s a corporate day out you’re after, check out our corporate page which details all that we can offer to those looking to let off a little steam with their work colleagues.

Food and drink vendors

It’s not just the breathtaking host of rides that set Oakwood Theme Park apart, we also have a fantastic range of eateries for you to stop at for a bite to eat during your visit. A quick cheeseburger at Woody’s Burger Bar, tuck in to a loaded fries at The Oak Tree, or grab a slice at The Haunt Pizzeria – we’ve plenty of great places to eat to satisfy even the pickiest eaters.

These places not only act as places to fill your stomach, but as little pitstops dotted through the park so you can catch your breath before jumping back on those rides or reliving those childhood memories of over indulging in sweets, ice cream and slush.

Relive your childhood

Theme parks offer a great opportunity to relive an aspect of your youth that you may have forgotten! Everyone remembers their first rollercoaster, the excitement, the nerves and the unbridled joy during the drops and loops!

How brilliant would it be to feel that again? We’d love to see Oakwood Theme Park full of thrill-seekers both young and old with huge smiles on their faces as they step off the rides.

Theme parks have a massive range of activities for anyone to enjoy – including adults. So, next time you’re looking for something to do with your other half or group of friends, why not book your tickets to Oakwood Theme Park? Remember, the more in advance you book, the bigger the savings!