From Peter Pan to The Little Mermaid: 14 Classic Fairy Tale Reads for Children

father and son reading a book
16 December, 2020

To help you introduce more reading time into your child’s life, we’re looking at 14 iconic fairy tales that are ideal for enjoying with young children.

What to Do in a Theme Park if You Aren’t a Thrill Seeker?

What to do in a theme park if you aren't a thrillseeker
16 December, 2020

So, if you’re someone without a thrill-seeking bone in their body, what can you do at a theme park? To find out, we’re taking a look at some of the attractions and activities you can enjoy at Oakwood that are free from thrills and spills.

Half-Term Survival Guide: The Best Things to See and Do in South Wales

kids holding pumpkins
13 October, 2020

We’ve put together this half-term survival guide, showcasing some of the best things to see and do in South Wales this October. Fun, safe and affordable, these brilliant day-out ideas can help keep you and your little ones sane this half term.

Brits’ All-Time Favourite Halloween Sweets Ranked

UK's favourite sweets
7 October, 2020

We’ve gathered data on the UK’s best-loved sweet and chocolate brands to see which is the go-to treat for Halloween.

What are the UK’s Biggest Phobias?

clown mask header image§
30 September, 2020

Here we’re looking at the biggest phobias of UK citizens