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What time does the park open and close?

A: The days and times we open varies throughout the year. Please click here for more information.


What are your prices?

A: Prices vary depending on the day you would like to visit. Please click here to see the prices on your preferred day at Oakwood.


Do you allow dogs into the theme park?

A: While we don’t allow dogs, other than guide dogs, into the park, we do provide free holding kennels just outside the entrance tills. Kennels are available on a first come first served basis and you will be asked for a fully refundable £5 deposit.  You can leave the park to check on your dog as often as you like.  We recommend you bring a bed/blanket, a bowl and some water for your dog.


Are your rides affected by bad weather?

A: We occasionally have to close some of our rides due to high winds, rain, thunder or lightning.  If you are concerned rides may be closed please call 01834 815170 between 9am and 5pm to check.


How do I get to you?

A: The easiest way to get door-to-door directions is to use the AA route planner. Oakwood is signposted on brown tourist information signs from the end of the M4 and throughout Pembrokeshire. Follow the M4 West until Junction 49 and take the A48 to Carmarthen. From here, head towards Fishguard and Haverfordwest. You will find us off the A40 eight miles before Haverfordwest.


Can I get to you on public transport?

A: Unfortunately, Oakwood is not situated on a public bus route although Haverfordwest and Narberth nearby both have train stations. We have an arrangement with a local taxi firm who you can call for a quote.


Does a family ticket have to be two adults and two children?

A: Yes, a family ticket for 4 is for 2 standards and 2 juniors.  A family ticket for 5 is for 2 standards and 3 juniors. Also available is our Online Friends pack for 4 standard tickets click here for more details.


Do you offer discounts for large groups?

A: Yes we have a discounted price for groups over 15 people. To confirm exact pricing or to make a booking, call us on 01834 815170.


Do you accept Tesco Clubcard Vouchers?

A: We do! Click here for more information.


Is there anywhere I can leave a bag during my visit?

A: Yes.  We have a left luggage facility in the Vertigo.  There is a small charge of £1.50 per item.


Do I have to pay to park my car at your theme park?

A: Absolutely not!  We provide plenty of free parking for our visitors.


I’m bringing my baby.  Where can I change nappies and warm bottles?

A: We have bottle warming facilities at The Restaurant and in Neverland.  There are baby changing facilities in the toilets behind the Waterfall ride and in our new area Neverland.  The leaflet you will be given at the entrance tills has these facilities clearly marked.


Will I get wet on any of your rides?  Is there somewhere I can change my clothes?

A: We have four water rides so you could get very wet, especially on Drenched. You can bring a change of clothing and leave it in Left Luggage until you need it, then change in the changing rooms next to Drenched. Alternatively, you can dry your clothes in our coin-operated giant drying machine for just £2 a go.


What should I wear to your theme park?

A: Our park is set in 80 acres of Pembrokeshire open countryside so flat footwear and all-weather gear is advisable. On some rides you may get wet or muddy so please don’t wear your favourite items of clothing. Make sure you dress for comfort.


Can my children come to your park by themselves?

A: While we look after the safety and the general wellbeing of our visitors throughout the day, we cannot provide parental supervision.  We do not recommend children visit the park unaccompanied under 13 years of age.


Why is there a charge for Vertigo?

A: We have to charge for Vertigo because we can only fly a limited number of visitors each day.  If we increased the admission charge to include Vertigo we would not be able to satisfy demand for the ride and visitors would leave disappointed.


Do I need to book Vertigo in advance?

A: It is advisable to book Vertigo in advance on busy days as we can only fly a certain number of people each day. Bookings can be made in the Vertigo outlet or speak to a member of staff.


Do I have to pay even if I don’t want to go on the big rides?

A: Oakwood charges an admission fee to the park rather than a wristband/pay per ride system.  However, there are plenty of gentle family rides if you don’t like white knuckle rides and lots of viewing places to watch your family and friends enjoying themselves.


Do I have to pay even if I’m pregnant?

A: Oakwood charges an admission fee to the park rather than a wristband/pay per ride system.  We have plenty of things to do here without necessarily involving the bigger rides we advise against pregnant ladies using – and there are plenty of places for you to sit and enjoy the atmosphere!


Can I book tickets online?

A: Yes, you can book online in advance and make a saving.  Please use our online booking system.  If you are a large group please call 01834 815170 between 9am and 5pm and we will deal with your booking personally.


I have not received my eTicket confirmation email?

A: At Oakwood we treat internet security very seriously in order to protect you, our valued customer, from nasty things such as fraud. To achieve this we need a few extra details from you when making payment. The details you enter must match exactly the details the bank hold about you – you could check this on a bank statement. If you have not received an email confirmation, first off check your junk mail folder, if there is nothing in there then you transaction has most likely failed. Any funds taken out of your account by your bank have not been passed on to us and will be returned to you in 5-7 working days depending on your bank. If after this perios you have still not received your funds then please contact our customer services department on 01834 815170 and we can look into this for you.


Are there places to eat?

A: There are plenty of eating places at the park to cater for all tastes.  Please click here to see what’s on offer.


My leg/arm is in plaster.  Can I still use your rides?

A: Visitors in casts are still able to use the majority of rides and attractions providing they can sit comfortably in the ride, all restraints are fitted properly and they can hold onto the lap bar/restraint system in place.  Please note that some rides have over the shoulder restraints and require visitors to be able to bend their elbows and knees.  Please also note there is a risk of chipping or knocking casts on some of our white knuckle rides.  We also recommend that water rides are avoided as your cast may get wet. Visitors in casts will be permitted to use rides only at the discretion of the ride operator.


Do you have first aid facilties on site?

A: We have a designated first aid area with a qualified first aider on site at all times.  First aid is located next between Neverland and Circus Land.  From time to time the first aid officer may be called out to deal with incidents around the park.  However, they can always be contacted by radio through Reception.  Please note we can’t dispense medication.


How do I reclaim an item of lost property?

A: All lost property is handed into Reception.  Please check there before you leave the park to see if your item has been found.  If you need to check after your visit then please call 01834 815170 between 10am and 5pm and ask to be put through to lost property.


Is there a meeting point for lost children?

A: Yes and one for lost parents too!  If you become separated from your group please report to Reception. Before your visit make sure everyone in your party knows to go to Reception if they lose you.


I’m disabled. Can I still visit your park?

A: We welcome disabled visitors and we’re proud to be the venue for one of Wales’ 14 Changing Places disabled toilets. Changing Places Toilets are different to standard disabled toilets with extra features and more space to meet the needs of disabled users. Our Changing Places toilet is located near to First Aid and has a changing bed and mobile hoist. Click Here for more information on Changing Places toilets.

For more information please download our Accessibility Guide click here


What is there for young children?

A: There are six rides with minimum height restrictions, please click here for details.  All other rides and attractions are suitable for the whole family. Please note some rides require smaller children to be accompanied by an adult and be over the age of two.


When are you busy with school visits?

A: We have a large amount of school trips in July and you may prefer to avoid school days during this month for a quieter day out. For more information please call 01834 815170 between 9am – 5pm and we will advise if there are large group bookings.


Can I get a good mobile signal at the park?

A: Due to the park’s rural location mobile coverage is patchy in some areas. However we do have WIFI coverage throughout the park.


Can I buy tickets for Oakwood as a present?

A: You can indeed! Call 01834 815170 between 9am and 5pm.


Can I smoke at Oakwoood?

A: Smoking is permitted at Oakwood with the exception of inside buildings, ride queues and Neverland. Please ask a member of staff if you are unsure.


Are there any restrictions on rides during quiet times?

A: During off peak time some rides will be placed on hourly rotations. When rides are on rotation this will be communicated at Admissions before you enter and also on the ride entrance.


What do I do if my online photo isn’t working when I try to redeem it?

A: Please email us with your Photo Code on [email protected] so we can try to access this manually for you.

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