Solo Adventure: Visiting a Theme Park on Your Own

11 March, 2024

Going to a theme park with friends is a fantastic way to spend a summer’s day. The sun is shining and the atmosphere within the park is incredible. But in an increasingly hectic world that’s full of family and work commitments, it can be difficult to get everyone free on the same day.

So, what’s the solution? A solo trip, of course!

Although it can seem daunting to tackle a theme park on your own, it can be an incredibly rewarding experience that has so much to offer that a group trip simply cannot.

In this blog, we’ll explore the why and the how of visiting a theme park on your own.

Why would you visit a theme park alone?

There are many reasons why visiting a theme park with a group might not be feasible, meaning that a solo trip is your only option, but that isn’t a negative. Let’s explore the reasons why you might choose a solo trip.

Not having friends and family who enjoy theme parks

The most common reason for a solo trip is probably that your friends or family don’t enjoy theme parks, are too busy or you can’t coordinate a day you’re both free. Rather than your friends standing in queues for rides they don’t want to go on, you could simply go on your own.

Having a day to yourself

Self-care is an incredibly important aspect of maintaining one’s physical and mental health. Organising a day planned solely around you can be an excellent way of promoting self-care, allowing you to go at your own pace, pick the rides you want and get those steps in!

Rollercoaster enthusiasts making the most of the day

For hardcore enthusiasts, it’s all about maximising time on the rides that you want to visit. This could mean eating lunch on the go or spending more time in queues than the average person would like to. Enthusiasts may choose to go on their own to avoid others interrupting valuable ride time.

Advantages of going to a theme park alone

Now that we’ve introduced the reason why you might visit a theme park on your own, here are just some of the benefits that these choices afford you.

Being able to go at your own pace

Even if you’re not an enthusiast, it can be a better experience to go at your own pace. Whether you’re someone who wants to leisurely stroll around the park or if you’re someone who wants to run to each ride, going solo is a way to ensure that you are setting the pace.

Go on the exact rides you want to try out

One of the biggest challenges when visiting a theme park is choosing which rollercoasters and rides  you’d like to go on. Some people would like to avoid tall rides or fast rides, but if you’re travelling with a group, you’re frequently forced to queue for a ride you don’t want to go on. This can be entirely avoided if you go on a solo trip.

Meet new people

Travelling to a theme park on your own opens more opportunities for you to speak to new people because you’re not caught up with chatting with your group of friends or family. Whether it’s a two-minute back-and-forth while waiting in a queue line or on a ride or an hour-long chat while you eat lunch, chatting to new people is a great way to bolster the enjoyment and excitement of your day.

Take breaks or stop for lunch whenever you’re ready

A solo trip allows the day to be all about you, so you can take a break or go for lunch when you’d like to, taking as long as you need to. This allows you to maximise the time you spend at the park. Check out the catering outlets at Oakwood Theme Park here.

Explore the whole park

Due to the time savings associated with a solo trip, you should have more time to explore more of the park than you would if you were in a large group of people.

Top tips for visiting a theme park on your own

Although there are a lot of benefits to visiting a theme park on your own, there are some differences that can affect your trip if you’re not aware of them. Here is our list of tips to help you enjoy your solo trip to a theme park.

Leave your bag in bag storage

Since there’s no one to hold your bags when you’re on a ride or going to the loo, you might want to make the most of the bag storage facilities that are available at most theme parks. There is usually a small fee, but it gives you peace of mind that your luggage is safe and prevents you from having to carry it around.

Take fewer things with you

If you’re not planning to make use of the lockers, an alternative is to simply take fewer items. Travelling light will mean that you don’t have to leave items in lockers or on the side of a ride. Items such as keys, phone and wallet/purse can stay on your person as long as they’re properly secured.

Go early

If your reason for visiting a theme park on your own is that you’d like to make the most of the park, you must also go early. Check the park’s opening time so that you can get there early and beat the crowds.

Check for special events

Special events at theme parks are a great way to fill your time when you are travelling solo to a theme park. Check out Oakwood’s Event Page for updates on upcoming events.

Whether you’re struggling to gather a group of friends or just fancy some alone time, a solo trip to a theme park is a great way to spend a day. If you fancy having a day at Oakwood on your own, we’d be incredibly happy to see you there. You can book tickets HERE. We hope to see you (with or without your friends) soon!