5 Reasons to Plan a Team Building Day

27 March, 2024

Two crucial elements of any well-run business are communication and a sense of bonding among colleagues. This can be achieved within the office through day-to-day relationship building, but it might help to get your team out of the door doing something different to help them loosen up!

So, what’s the solution? A team building day out of the office!

In this blog, we’ll explore what a team building day is, what the benefits are and why you should choose Oakwood Theme Park for your organisation’s team building day(s).

What is a team building day?

A team building day is a day that’s different from the usual working day, allowing your team to focus on activities that improve relationships. Common team building activities can include a wide variety of things, from simple quizzes and compliment circles to away days and trips.

The ideal team building day should aim to be enjoyable for everyone involved – you could even run a poll or have an ideation session to find out what everyone would like to do.

Benefits of a team building day

While a team building day is about having some fun and a unique opportunity to bond with your colleagues, there are also plenty of other benefits that you’ll get from booking a team day out.

Breaking down barriers

Barriers in the workplace can cause inefficiencies and can be due to poor communication. By breaking down these barriers, you can ensure that your team are well-acquainted with each other and what better place to do that than at a place like a theme park, where people aren’t afraid to go for it and have a good laugh?

Encouraging fun

Let’s face it, a team day out is realistically centred around having a bit of fun. With your colleagues a little more relaxed and in a more casual environment, they are more likely to feel more engaged with their employer. By organising these sort of activities, you may encourage a more inclusive place to work.

Building bridges between departments

Throughout the usual working day, many departments won’t get the chance to mingle and chat. Even if they’re communicating through instant messages or emails, having a good in-person relationship can improve productivity throughout the business. Team building days allow for these relationships to develop, and allow people’s paths to cross who may not have otherwise spent much time together.

Improves company culture

A team building day can contribute to employees feeling valued within a business. It may also allow for better relationships across workplace hierarchies, putting everyone on a level playing field for the day and allowing people to build even more connections with people across the whole business.

Chance to celebrate

As well as offering cultural benefits within the company, team building days can also be seen as an opportunity to celebrate wins within the workplace. Has your team just landed a huge client? Maybe they’ve just completed a 6-month long project. These would both be great opportunities to plan a team building day around.

Why choose Oakwood Theme Park for a team building activity

Now that we’ve explained the benefits of a team building day, let’s explore why Oakwood Theme Park ticks all the right boxes for a great team building day.

First and foremost, Oakwood Theme Park is a great day out for people of all ages and levels of seniority. As well as a variety of rollercoasters to enjoy, from large thrill rides to smaller family rides, the park also has great scenery and eateries to make use of during your visit. 

If you’re not necessarily the biggest thrill seeker, take a look at this blog which details all the incredible things you can do at Oakwood that don’t involve white-knuckle rides.

Activities such as the boating lake, as well as others, are activities that are enjoyable for everyone and offer a good alternative.

Book your corporate day trip at Oakwood Theme Park today

Now that you see the key benefits that a team building day offers, it’s time for the final step: booking your tickets for a team building day at Oakwood Theme Park!

Oakwood has plenty of offers and unique benefits that come with booking a corporate package, making the whole experience absolutely hassle-free.

We hope to see you and your team riding the rollercoasters, peddling on the lake or whichever other fun activity that Oakwood Theme Park has to offer.