Accessibility Information


At Oakwood, we welcome disabled visitors. We have many disabled-friendly facilities and have plenty of practices in place to ensure that your disability won’t stop you enjoying your day at our theme park. We will do everything we can so that you can have both a safe and pleasurable time here.

Our Accessible Facilities


We have two main disabled toilets located on different sides of the park – one at the Whistlestop Shop and The Oak Tree Restaurant complex, and one near the Waterfall ride.

We are also proud to be one of few venues and attractions in Wales with a Changing Places disabled toilet facility. This facility is different to standard disabled toilets, providing extra features and more space in order to give maximum comfort and aid for disabled guests. The Changing Places block includes a changing bed and mobile hoist alongside toileting facilities. This is located near to First Aid and Neverland. View our park map for further details.



Our car park includes a limited number of disabled parking bays, located near to the entrance tills. These spaces are available to disabled-badge holders only. Alternatively, disabled visitors can be dropped off and picked up at the entrance. All of our parking is free of charge.


Wheelchair Use and Hire

There is a wide pathway running throughout the whole of the park, making it easy for wheelchair users to navigate. The entrance tills, park reception and all of our eateries are also accessible. Please note that the park entry train is unsuitable for wheelchair use.

We also offer a limited number of non-motorised wheelchairs for hire. These can be collected from the Park Entrance tills and require a £10.00 charge, £5.00 of which is refundable at the end of your day. Wheelchairs can be reserved at the Park Entrance tills, or in advance by calling 01834 815170. Due to the limited availability, we cannot guarantee hire unless this is pre-booked.


Boarding Rides

Although we try to make all of our rides accessible, we reserve the right to refuse admission to any ride or attraction where we feel there is an unacceptable risk your safety. Also, some of our rides are not suitable for certain guests. Please refer to our manual for further information on ride admission and accessibility. You can also speak to a member of staff prior to or during your visit if you require clarification, and to avoid disappointment.

Our Ticket Policy

We offer a separate tariff for disabled visitors: entry is £18.00 per person and includes the admittance of one carer free of charge if necessary to assist your visit. Proof of your disability and the necessity of a carer will need to be provided upon ticket purchase.

Also, our Ride Access Pass ticket and wristband system allows alternative access to a number of the rides, and is available to visitors who…

  • Are permanently non-ambulant
  • Do not understand the concept of queuing
  • Have difficulties with everyday social interaction
  • Have a limited capacity to follow instruction or to understand others’ emotional feelings or expressions
  • May become agitated or distressed having to wait an extended period of time
  • Are in a wheelchair

We welcome disabled groups too. If you wish to visit us as a group, we advise you to pre-book entry to the park, so that our staff are notified in advance and can better meet your needs on the day. Call our reception on 01834 815170 – pre-booking still allows you to pay when you get here, if you would prefer.

Other Important Information

Guide Dogs

Guide dogs are permitted into the park, provided they remain with a member of your group at all times. Simply notify a member of staff at the ticket booth. We do have a limited number of free dog kennels available, requiring a refundable £5 deposit.


Visiting With a Broken Bone

We still allow visitors with broken bones or plaster casts into the park, and the majority of rides and attractions are available, but we strongly recommend remaining vigilant. Our ride operators maintain the right to decline admittance to a ride if they feel there are potential health and safety implications.


If You’re Pregnant

We strongly advise against pregnant women riding our bigger rides, and a number of the smaller ones too. There are plenty of other attractions in the park to enjoy, though, as well as many places to sit and watch your family or take a break for a bite to eat.

If you require any further information, please refer to our FAQ section and our full accessibility guide. Alternatively, speak to a member of our staff prior to your visit and we will be able to advise based on your individual circumstances.

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