Health & Safety

Oakwood Theme Park is committed to ensuring a fun and enjoyable experience for visitors of all ages, and to providing a safe and fulfilling working environment for employees and contractors working at the attraction and/or activities relating to the operation of the attraction.


Whilst all activities at Oakwood Theme Park are conducted in a safe manner, and inline with training and approved methods of operation, occasionally a need for First Aid assistance is identified, often for reasons that do not relate to the activities of the attraction, such as trips and slips, pre-existing medical conditions or illness caused by environmental factors such as the weather.


Oakwood Theme Park has a number of First Aid qualified staff, who hold either the HSE approved First Aid at Work qualification or Emergency First Aid at Work qualification. For each day the attraction is open, a designated employee of the attraction is the appointed First Aider. He/she is supported by other suitably qualified employees, which includes employees at all levels of the Oakwood Team, from Managers through to front line delivery staff.


Within the attraction is a dedicated First Aid room, located close to the Arcade and Tea Cups ride, and identified on the park map. Within the building is a supply of all First Aid materials held within the attraction, along with specialist equipment held in case of specific need. Whilst the First Aid room provides a base for the designated First Aider, it is important to note that they may not base themselves at the location throughout the day, and instead may be found roaming the attraction, responding to calls out in the attraction, or assisting with tasks such as ride evacuations. They do however remain contactable at all times via Radio Communication. Should First Aid assistance be required, but the First Aid room appear locked and/or unattended, please visit Little Darling’s Café, located in Neverland and just a short walk from the First Aid room to request assistance.


In addition to the First Aid room, a number of First Aid kits are located around the attraction and may be accessed by staff or visitors are required. Locations include;


• Admissions – Till Room 2
• Reception – located opposite Whistlestop Station
• The Oakwood Box Office – located next to Drenched
• Megafobia Shop – located at the exit of Megafobia Ride and opposite Bobsleigh Ride
• Little Darling’s Café – located in Neverland
• Woodys Burger Bar – located between the Main Stage and Waterfall Ride
• Speed Photo Shop – located at the exit of Speed
• Aunt’s House Green Screen Shop – located in the front of the Aunts House in Dahland
• Engineering Workshop – located outside the boundary of guest area
• Oakwood Stores/Warehouse – located outside the boundary of guest area
• Estates Workshop – located outside the boundary of guest area


The contents of each First Aid kit is checked each day the attraction is open by the appointed First Aider. On days where the attraction is not open, the contents are checked weekly, although should be replenished after each use.

In addition to First Aid kits, Oakwood Theme Park provides 2 Automated External Defibrillators (AED) for staff and visitor use. The use of AED is included within the First Aid at Work.

Emergency First Aid at Work courses, however the AED is designed for use by any person without previous training or experience if required. Locations of AED include;

• Outside Reception – Wall mounted on the outside of Oakwood Admin building, to the left of Reception
• Outside First Aid room – Wall mounted on the outside of Oakwood First Aid room, to the right of door


The condition and charge of each AED is checked each day the attraction is open by the appointed First Aider. On days where the attraction is not open, each AED is checked weekly by the Oakwood management team.


Oakwood Theme Park is committed to providing assistance and support in the event of First Aid treatment being required, regardless of the severity. However, in the case of treatment of visitors under the age of 16, or attending the attraction as part of a school or group trip, responsibility for decisions on treatment and the outcome of any treatment remains with the parent or guardian of the child at all times. Decisions relating to the treatment of visitors over the age of 16 remain with the individual at all times, unless the individual is unable to provide an appropriate decision through illness or injury, in which case decision making will be made by the appointed First Aider in agreement with any other members of the visitor’s party. For this reason, visitors should be certain whether they require First Aid assistance from the attraction appointed First Aider, or access to First Aid supplies in the first instance. First Aid assistance may be sought by contacting any member of Oakwood Theme Park staff. First Aid supplies are readily available for visitor use from the above named locations.


Should further medical treatment be provided, the relevant Emergency Services will be contacted by Oakwood Theme Park staff as part of the assistance and support provided. There are a number of access routes into that park, and Oakwood Theme Park staff will be coordinated to ensure the Emergency Services are directed to the most appropriate route and location within the park. All visitors retain the right to directly call the relevant Emergency Services should they require assistance or deem the need for attendance necessary. Oakwood Theme Park kindly requests that should any visitor call the Emergency Services directly; they inform a member of Oakwood staff at the earliest opportunity, so that assistance can be provided directing the Emergency Services into the location.


A record of all First Aid assistance provided by Oakwood Theme Park is maintained. First Aid records are monitored by the attraction Health and Safety Committee, and may be used to influence changes to policies, working practices, or other reason deemed necessary.


Any visitor may decline assistance from Oakwood Theme Park employees at any time.