10 Things Everyone Sees at a Theme Park

7 August, 2017

We’ve been lapping up the thrills and adrenaline rushes of theme parks since 1583, when the first ever theme park – Bakken in Denmark (10 minutes outside of Copenhagen) – was first opened. Now, that’s a lot of rollercoaster rides! We wonder if there were any oil painters quickly sketching riders’ rollercoaster faces?
Over 430 years later, and the attraction of theme parks is still going strong. Even after all those years, there are still a few things that never change and can be found in nearly every theme park. Here’s what we always see when we’re wandering around Oakwood.

1. I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it!

As soon as we walk into the theme park, there’s one gust of emotion: excitement! The euphoria of nostalgia sweeps over us as we can’t wait to get stuck into our day of adventure. Which ride to go on first? Which way to walk around the park? Which teddy should we win? It’s not just us, either – we share this feeling with everyone else in the park. Looking around, you see smiles of excitement as families and groups of friends plan out their thrill-seeking journeys.

2. Food, glorious food!

Right, what’s a day trip without delicious food? Not a good day trip! So, not only do theme parks supply us with the utmost adventure and thrilling experiences, but they also cater to our foodie needs.
Tailored snacks to match the genre or area of the theme park, food sculpted into the shape of your favourite character, and deliciousness beyond deliciousness. You’re guaranteed to see people passing you with varieties of yummy food, and you can’t help but go get yourself a portion (get us one, too!).

3. I’m walking on sunshine, WOAAAAAH!

You don’t need to worry about all the yummy food you’re going to have, because you’re sure to get your walk on around the park. From one ride to the next, to finding somewhere to eat, your legs are certainly going to get a workout. Expect to see people of all ages racing around the park to get to their favourite rides, and expect yourself to be racing alongside them because you want to go on first!

4. Life is a rollercoaster, just gotta ride it!

You’ve come to the theme park for one reason: the rides. So expect to see numerous rollercoasters from the adrenaline rides to the family section, and of course the wet’n’wild ones (remember your poncho!).
Whether you’re a lover of rollercoasters or you’re just going on the biggest one because your friends are too, we’re pretty sure we all have the same thoughts as the ride begins its descent.
Here’s a quick fact: did you know the rollercoaster Speed here at Oakwood goes a crazy 59mph, at a 110-foot drop? That’s what we call an adrenaline rush!

5. I’ve been waiting a long time for this moment to come.

Here’s a cool fact for you: in 2015, the top 25 theme parks across the world saw over 235 million visitors pass through their gates. That’s a lot of people, so no wonder we always see a queue when we enter the park. It’s not just any queue, though: it’s a queue with a scene. You get the chance to immerse yourself in the themed surroundings of the ride you’re about to embark on.
To avoid the queues at the park’s front gate, make sure you get your tickets online to skip the on-the-day lines – plus, you might save a few pounds!

6. Can’t read my poker face!

Whether you’re walking to the next ride, or looking for somewhere to eat, you’re guaranteed to be surrounded by photos of hilarious rollercoaster faces. From the well-thought-out staged poses by friends, or the screaming for dear life, or even the tightly eyes-closed snaps, there’s certainly a photo for everyone to have a giggle at. You’ll also get to find out which one of the group isn’t as brave as they let on – isn’t that right, Harry?

7. We are family!

When it comes to the most thrilling and adrenaline-packed rides, there’s usually always a height restriction to go on it. On nearly every trip to a theme park, you will see park entrants who definitely do not meet the ride requirements still try to get on the ride. This is of course met with the theme park employee having to say no to the willing riders. So, sometimes we all have to witness little kids missing out on big rides. Fortunately, here at Oakwood there’s a dedicated selection of rides for a family adventure, where no one (no matter their size) has to miss out!

8. Do you like being at the funfair?

You’re not truly in a theme park until you see bundles of people walking past you with numerous teddies and prizes they’ve won from the funfair section of the park. Whether you prefer the arcades, panning for gold, or mini golf, theme parks cater for everyone’s funfair needs.

9. It took me by surprise!

It’s always fascinating when revisiting a theme park, because you always see something you didn’t notice before. It could be that new cool piece of art next to the latest ride, or the hidden decorative gems that fit perfectly with the theme of the park – or a whole new ride altogether! Either way, you’ll constantly find something new.

10. ‘Cause we never go out of style, we never go out of style.

Now we’ve definitely saved the best till last, because this is by far our favourite thing you see in a theme park: MATCHING T-SHIRTS! Come on, if you’ve been part of a group that has walked around a theme park in matching T-shirts, it’s time to admit it now (we all have at one time or another). Whether it’s when you were on a school trip, or your mum forced you into wearing that tie-dye Disney top, you’ll no doubt relate to the groups you see in their matching outfits.

Come and see for yourself!

Excitement, adventure, adrenaline, and thrill-seeking…We could go on and on about what makes theme parks the best place to visit and have fun, but we’ll stop here!
Whether you’re with the family, a group of friends, a school trip, or even on a date(!), theme parks provide us with such an adventure we know we won’t forget. So, what are you waiting for? Get your Oakwood adventure planned! Book tickets online for extra special discounts. And, remember, share pictures of your visit with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.