Unusual Theme Parks Around the World

Oakwood Theme Park
6 December, 2018

At Oakwood, we’re proud to be a part of a global community of theme parks dedicated to escapism, thrills and bringing families closer together.

How Do Rollercoasters Work?

Oakwood Theme Park
21 November, 2018

They say the key to conquering your fear is to understand the thing you’re afraid of. For instance, would it help to know that Megafobia, like every great rollercoaster throughout the world, has no engine? Once the coaster launches down that first drop, you’re flying around the track on pure kinetic energy.

9 Incredible Days Out with the Kids in Pembrokeshire

Oakwood Theme Park
30 October, 2018

This year’s summer heatwave give us a scorching backdrop for some truly amazing days out. And even as the seasons change, one thing stays the same: come rain or shine, the kids still need entertaining.

What Should You Dress Up As for Halloween?

Oakwood Theme Park
24 October, 2018

Halloween is just around the haunted house corner and if you’re still scarily stuck on what costume to wear, then have no fear because we’re here to help.

5 Types of Rollercoaster Rider: Which One Are You?

Oakwood Theme Park
21 September, 2018

  Many people, especially thrill-seeking extroverts, enjoy a rollercoaster ride because it’s one of the few occasions where they get to experience a huge rush of adrenaline.