Where to Take a Teenager on a Day Out?

7 September, 2023

Being able to spend quality time with your teenage children can sometimes feel like a bit of a challenge. After all, they’re not little ones anymore – but they’re not quite adults yet either. Most of the time your teenagers will no doubt want to be sat scrolling through the latest social media app or out with their friends, so what can you do to get their attention?

Your teenager has no doubt outgrown many of the children’s places you used to take them to, but now you have the opportunity to step it up a gear. There’s so many exciting and adventurous things you can do with kids once they’re older, so take advantage! Here we’ve put together a helpful guide of things you can do with a teenager, to get you started…

Theme park

Nothing says great day out better than a theme park visit, and here at Oakwood Theme Park we’re well-equipped to impress your teenagers. With thrilling rides like Speed, the UK’s original beyond-vertical-drop rollercoaster, and Megafobia, our renowned wooden rollercoaster, even those teenagers trying to keep it cool will struggle to keep a straight face!

At Oakwood Theme Park we also have seasonal events throughout the year including After Dark with live music, firework displays and our spine-tingling Spooktacular event. For when it’s time to refuel, we’ve got burgers, pizza, ice cream and more to keep your teens happy.

Adventure golf

Spark some friendly competitiveness between you and your teenagers with a round of adventure golf! With many of today’s crazy golf courses having fun themes like graffiti, the circus and the jungle, it’s so much more than just trying to get a hole in one. It’s the perfect way to spend a couple of hours away from home and bonding over your putting skills (or lack of)!

Many adventure golf venues will also offer a great list of drinks and snacks, so you can keep the whole family happy once you’ve made your way around the 9th hole. So, whether you’re a sporty family or not, you’ll all find something to enjoy at your nearest adventure course.

High ropes course

If you’re looking for something that might offer more of a team-building atmosphere to bring you and your teens closer, a high ropes course is just the thing. Choose your challenge level depending on how brave you feel, and attempt to move across platforms, obstacles and even swings! Help each other as you make your way through the obstacle course, most of which will be suspended high in the air.

The best thing about a high ropes course? They’re usually outdoors, so you’re getting the added benefit of being out amongst nature and the fresh air while you test your limits. Set fun challenges like who can complete the course the quickest and watch as your family members laugh their heads off and even let out a few screams along the way.


You might think a museum is the last place a teenager would want to spend their afternoon, but it’s all about choosing the right museum. With so many museums across the country to choose from, find something that speaks to their interests – whether it’s fashion, sports, technology or science. Not only will this make it a more enjoyable day out for your teenager, but you’ll also be able to understand their interests and hobbies a little more.

Come rain or shine, a trip to a museum can be a fascinating day out that teaches everyone a thing or two. It’s a great way to bond and engage your teenagers in something they already might have a passion for.

Quad biking

If you’re not afraid to get a bit dirty, why not spend time with your teenagers racing around the countryside on quad bikes? With official courses set up around the country, quad biking is a great way to leave the digital devices at home and enjoy some old-fashioned, competitive fun. Even if you’re a beginner and fancy taking it slow, you’ll no doubt enjoy the freedom of driving off-road.

It’s best to double check the minimum ages before you book as they can vary, but it’s a fun way to get a little out of your comfort zone and steer your quad bike around obstacles as you navigate the trails.

Whatever activity you choose, it’s all about spending quality time on a day out with your teenagers. Don’t forget if you want to visit Oakwood Theme Park, buying tickets in advance can save you money!