What Should I Take to a Theme Park?

5 June, 2023

Deciding what and not to bring along for a day at the theme park is trickier than you might expect. First, there’s the weather to consider which, let’s face it, should be top of your priority list here in the UK. And there’s also the fact that you’ll be out and about for most of the day, so will need things like comfy shoes and different clothes should the weather take a turn.

Remember, though, that you won’t want to be laden down with lots of stuff either. With tons of rides and attractions to enjoy, what you wear and what you carry could seriously impact your enjoyment of the day if you make the wrong choices.

So, what will you need for a day out at Oakwood? And what should you wear? Our ultimate guide to dressing and packing for a trip to the theme park should steer you in the right direction.

What Should You Wear to a Theme Park?

If you have big plans to ride every ride at your favourite theme park, you’ll need to wear the right clothes that won’t stand in your way. Think comfy shoes and no-hassle garms that are appropriate for the weather.

Here’s a quick look at a few do’s and don’ts of getting dressed for a day at the theme park…

Bonus tip: Caught out by the weather during your trip to Oakwood? Not to worry – you’ll find everything from warm sweatshirts to rain ponchos over at our souvenir shops, all of which are marked on our park map.

What to Take to a Theme Park

So, we’ve covered what you should wear for a day at the theme park – now it’s time to think about what you should (and shouldn’t) bring along with you.

As above, we’ve categorised our list by do’s and don’ts, since there are definitely things you’ll need and definitely things you won’t when planning a trip to a theme park. Let’s get into it.

The Do’s of Packing for a Theme Park

The Don’ts of What to Bring to a Theme Park

Bonus Theme Park Packing Tips

Bags packed and comfy shoes all tied? Before you set off to the park, here are a couple of extra things you might like to consider squeezing into your bag…

All set? Now you know what to bring, here’s how to spend your day at Oakwood Theme Park. For more help and advice and to plan your visit, tap here for up-to-date visitor information.