Top Tips to Help the Whole Family Enjoy a Theme Park

9 May, 2024

In any given family, you might have a mix of members who love rollercoasters, some who would prefer to keep their feet closer to the ground and even some who don’t think a theme park is for them. So, when you’re trying to plan a family day out, a theme park might not be at the top of everyone’s list!

The truth is, a theme park can be so much more than just the big thrill rides. Don’t get us wrong, they’re definitely one of the main centrepieces, but there’s a lot of other things you can get out of a visit to Oakwood Theme Park. So, in this blog, scroll down to find your level of comfort and find out just how many attractions there are to make your day out at Oakwood completely worth it.

For those seeking an adrenaline rush

If you’re seeking a visit to Oakwood Theme Park to go as high and as fast as you can, we’ve got just the thing. Adrenaline junkies get ready, because here you’ll find rides that throw you up the air, twist you along a track and plunge down some of the best beyond-vertical drops.

While there are height restrictions to some of our biggest rides, for those who can ride, you’re in for a real treat. Including Megafobia, Speed, Drenched* and Bounce, there’s plenty of rides here to help you get your adrenaline fix.

*Please note Drenched is a seasonal attraction. Check our website to find out if it will be running during your visit.

For those who aren’t quite so thrill-seeking

If even the thought of a rollercoaster makes your tummy feel funny, fear not. It’s not all about the big rides, although we are pretty proud of them. If you’re hoping to keep your feet a little closer to the ground, we’ve also got some really fun rides that still pack a punch.

So, just because you don’t fancy the huge rollercoasters doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a day at the theme park. We have rides like the Bobsleigh, which you can ride in twos for extra fun, as well as Dizzy Disk which will have you giggling with joy as it slides back and forth while spinning in circles. Pirate Ship is also a great ride to try out, as it tosses you from side to side, making sure you have those sea legs.

For those happy to hold the bags and coats

Every family needs someone who’s happy to hold the bags and other belongings while everyone else climbs aboard our thrill rides – if that sounds like you, there’s still a great opportunity to get involved if you feel like it. We know that sometimes the spectators like to warm up by watching others on the ride first to get a feel for it, so here are some of the rides to look out for that might be right up your street.

You can’t go wrong with our Witches’ Brew spinning teacups, which is the perfect introduction to any day out at a theme park. The likes of Treetops and Crocodile Coaster are great ways to test the water too, from children to grandparents. We’ve also got some great additional attractions like the boating lake and shooting range, if you’re really not into the traditional theme park rides.

For those who want to sit and watch

If you’re really happy to just come along for the day out and watch your loved ones take on some of our rides and revel in their joy, we’ve got plenty of places for you to sit and spectate from afar.

From the Little Darlings Café to Woody’s Burger Bar, you can enjoy some classic fairground food as you watch the world go by. We’ve also got lots of picnic areas, so if the weather’s nice you can bask in some peace and quiet amongst the excitement of the park.

For those who are too little for the big rides

If there’s toddlers or younger children in your family, you shouldn’t feel like you can’t visit a theme park. While they probably can’t go on some of the bigger rides, here at Oakwood Theme Park we’ve got a whole host of areas for smaller kids to make the most of a day out.

Lots of our younger visitors can still go on our more family-orientated rides, so long as they are accompanied by someone age 13+ – like Neverland Chase The Sights of London Taxi ride. A visit to the Whistlestop Shop can help you figure out what rides you’re able to take the little ones on with Scorch’s official height check station!

We’ve also got our indoor soft play area, Hooks House of Havoc, and the amusement arcade too.

So, there you have it. No matter which of the above categories you fall into, you can bet there’s something to fill your day at Oakwood Theme Park and enjoy a brilliant family day out here in Pembrokeshire. Don’t forget to book your tickets in advance, as you can save a little extra!