Top 5 Theme Park Rides Your Kids Will Love

10 May, 2024

When it comes to visiting a theme park, it doesn’t matter if it’s your first time or 50th time – each visit will offer something new, exciting and of course, thrilling! What’s more, being able to introduce your children to a theme park is a great milestone, opening up a new world of opportunities and fun for the whole family to get involved in.

Whether your kids are completely fearless or a little more unsure, Oakwood Theme Park has something they will enjoy, from the big hitter rollercoasters to gentler first time rides. So, if you’re planning a family trip, we’ve put together just some of the types of theme park rides you and your kids will love, from water rides to transportation-style rides.

Note – some of these rides will have height or age restrictions, so visit the Whistlestop Shop on arrival to get measured and collect your wristband!

1. Transportation rides

For many kids, the idea of riding a train, truck or taxi is an exciting one, especially if it’s not something they’ve done very often. Most of these transportation rides will be fixed to a track or monorail, moving at a comfortable speed while the riders are encouraged to look at what’s around them as they travel. This type of ride lends itself to a whole host of different themes, which it’s usually why it’s so popular! 

Our very own transportation rides include The Sights of London, giving your little ones the chance to ride in a black cab as they travel around some of the capital’s most iconic landmarks. It’s the perfect way to open up children’s eyes to the bigger world that’s out there, and give them an exciting experience of being behind the (pretend) wheel!

You can also check out Neverland Chase, designed to take your little ones on a tour around a magical kingdom in our wooden trucks. If your kids are much more interested in trains, why not try Mainline Train too!

2. Dark rides

They might not be for everyone, but if your kids are feeling brave, then dark rides can offer something a little more exhilarating. Enclosed, spooky, hair-raising, spine-tingling – dark rides transport you along a track through a dimly lit setting, which usually follows a story of some kind, and will feature a little bit of scare factor too!  

If this is the kind of thing your kids would love, then check out Witch Hunt (on selected dates). This lie-action scare maze is the perfect way to get your extra dose of thrill, with the idea that visitors need to escape before the witches find you. Parental discretion is advised on this one.

3. Water rides

Nothing says theme park like a classic log flume style theme park ride! Water rides are always popular, so long as you bring a spare set of clothes just in case. They’re similar to rollercoasters in that they might start high and go fast, but they usually result in a big wave or splash at the end, which is sure to get the kids screaming with joy.

Here at Oakwood Theme Park we certainly don’t disappoint when it comes to water rides. Skull Rock is our traditional log flume ride, taking you through a pirate themed setting before you start to climb up towards the drop. What then follows is an exhilarating decline, making a big splash on the way! If that wasn’t enough, we also have Waterfall, where you can hop on a ‘tea tray’ and slide your way down, and Snake River Falls, giving you the chance to sit in a boat and choose from speedy open slides or twisted tubes.

Fancy something a little more low-key? We’ve also got our Boating Lake, perfect for meandering along on a pedal boat as you watch the rest of the park.

4. Circular rides

Circular rides can encompass any type of ride that goes around in a circular motion, whether it’s a fast spinning ride or something a little calmer. Think of a carousel or merry-go-round style ride, which might be great for your younger ones, or something that spins a little faster for the older kids!

Dizzy Disk isn’t strictly a circular ride, but does spin you in circles as it glides back and forth! Its seats face outwards too, so you can watch the park whirl past you on the way. For smaller visitors, we’ve got our Witches Brew spinning tea cups, or why not try Tink’s Flying School and climb aboard as the ride twirls you around as if you’re flying above the park!

5. Rollercoasters

Of course, it wouldn’t be a theme park without a rollercoaster or two. Rollercoasters can vary massively, but mostly have multiple seats that travel at great speeds with twists, turns and drops along the way. They are often a theme park’s main attraction, but not all are suitable for kids, so it’s worth checking beforehand! Most of the big ones will have height restrictions to ensure safety.

At Oakwood Theme Park we’re no stranger to an exhilarating rollercoaster. Our flagship ride, Megafobia, is our wooden rollercoaster that twists and drops throughout its exciting track. It was refurbished in 2023, with new tracks, profiling and steeper drop!

Of course, if you’re looking for something a little tamer, we’ve got a whole host of rollercoasters that can be enjoyed by everyone – including the Crocodile Coaster, Treetops and Creepy Crawler!

We hope you’ve found a ride or two that your kids will love.

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