Fun Things to Do with Toddlers

6 February, 2024

It can often feel challenging to try and keep younger children entertained, with toddlers usually having great bursts of energy and enthusiasm. In some cases, the thought of keeping them in the house all day can be a daunting one, so it pays to have some ideas set aside for getting your kids out and about! All it takes is a little imagination and some creative thinking, not to mention taking advantage of some of your local businesses too.

So, whether you’re planning for the next weekend or the next time the school holidays roll around, here is some inspiration to get you started for fun things to do with your toddlers.

How to keep toddlers entertained

It’s so important to keep your toddler active and engaged, helping them to learn a little more about the world around them! There’s so many opportunities for fun and learning, not to mention helping them to burn off some energy before bedtime.

From arts and crafts in the house to taking your toddler for an exciting day out, here are just some great ideas to get the ball rolling!

Arts and crafts

With a quick trip to your local arts and crafts shop, or even looking at materials you already have around the house, you can fill the hours by getting creative with your little ones! Depending on the time of year, why not show them how to make decorations for Easter or Christmas, or even just a colourful picture for you to hang on your fridge.

From glitter to paint, sequins to crayons, there’s no end to the creations you could make – and all the while your toddler is learning new fine motor skills too.

Theme park

You might be thinking that a theme park is a little much for a small child, but we forgive you. The truth is, here at Oakwood Theme Park there are a ton of attractions that are more than suitable for toddlers. For toddlers our Neverland themed area is ideal for imagination, fun and taking those first steps to being a thrill seeker – not to mention the soft play areas too.

It means that a trip to your local theme park could be the answer to keeping the whole family entertained, especially if you’ve got children of different ages too.


Not only is the library home to a wealth of age-appropriate books, but many local libraries will also host special sessions for toddlers or babies so that you can enjoy some quality and quieter time together. So, whether your little one loves pop up books or nursery rhymes, it’s a great time to develop their language skills while having a bit of fun too.

Look out for organised classes that can sometimes be great for your little ones and give them a chance to interact with other children too.

Soft play and sensory classes

With so many different types of soft play centres, your toddler can have hours of fun amongst the obstacles, slides and ball pits. What’s more, they’re great for rainy days and usually have a café for any refreshments for both parent and child, making for an easy morning or afternoon out of the house.

Depending on the age of your toddler, you might also want to consider local sensory classes or sessions, which are perfect for their development and socialising. There are usually classes for certain age ranges, so you can be sure you’re taking your little one to an appropriate session that will keep them entertained!

Museum or art gallery

There’s no doubt a whole range of different museums or galleries in your area, each showcasing something unique to have a look at. These attractions are usually very child-friendly, and some will even have dedicated areas for smaller children to learn and play.

It’s a great way to start introducing your toddler to shapes, colours, animals and more, depending on what the theme of the museum is. Look for interactive exhibitions that your little one could get involved in, or see if they hold sensory classes that you could attend.

Swimming classes

There’s no better time to start learning a life skill, as your toddler will start to gain great confidence in the water while having a bit of fun splashing around too. Whether you choose a structured lesson with an instructor, it’s a brilliant way to help them learn a new skill while spending some quality time together. You can usually sign up to a package of lessons to ensure your little one is learning regularly and becomes more familiar with it.

However you choose to use your time with your toddler, you can bet they will just love being out and about and exploring new things. And don’t forget – once the weather starts getting better, there’ll be even more fun ideas for the whole family to enjoy! Look out for our opening times or find out more information about who Oakwood Theme Park is for today.