22 April, 2012

Us scared? Ewe must be joking – Welsh sheep are renowned for their tough character but these sheep at a theme park in Pembrokeshire are surely in a field of their own for shear nerve.
It may seem baa-rmy but the woolly wonders, which have an entire field to roam in at Oakwood Theme Park, happily graze beneath the giant timbers of the wooden rollercoaster Megafobia.
And proud staff believe their ‘shorn to be wild’ sheep actually thrive on the adrenaline rush of being within metres of the ride.
A spokesperson for Oakwood Theme Park said: “Far from being intimidated by the sights and sounds of the ride they genuinely appear to be attracted to it and will congregate at the bottom of the biggest drop to watch the cars whizz by.
“Megafobia attracts visitors from around the world and you can imagine the jokes we get from some people when they spot the sheep.
“But we’re actually very proud of our flock – in fact we think they’re probably unique as we’ve never heard of any other theme park ride in the world which has its own resident sheep,” he added.
Famed as one of the wildest wooden coasters on the planet, Megafobia has been voted the best ride in the UK and the third best ride in the world by coaster enthusiasts from the Roller Coaster Club of Great Britain.
In 2010 it was listed as one of the Top Ten rides in the world in a poll conducted for Cheapflights.com.
With a maximum vertical angle of 55 degrees and 25 metre drops towards a lake combined with unique crossovers this twister has attained legendary status among coaster fans worldwide.