Blogs about Oakwood for the Oakwood blog – does that make sense?

8 December, 2009

Here’s a little snippet of some of the fantastic comments from bloggers worldwide about Pembrokeshire and your favourite theme park 😉

“Whenever you come or wherever you go in Pembrokeshire, one thing that doesn’t change: The welcome is always warm and genuine” just one thing this blogger has to say about our wonderful county.

Read more here.

“it turns out that my fears were confirmed. It rained for most of the week. But despite this, we had a good time” hhhmmm, that sounds a bit familiar from the summer!

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Best places to see in the UK – oh yes we’re on the list. Check it out here

“ideal for the family vacation” yes Pembrokeshire and Oakwood are right there again! Read more here

Goes to show – it’s not just those of us who live here who think Pembrokeshire is amazing!!!!!!