4 Creative Spring Crafts for Kids

23 April, 2024

Get ready to welcome the season of spring with our fun craft ideas that will help keep kids of all ages entertained while also teaching them about this wonderful time of the year and all that it brings with it.

From toilet roll bees to colourful paper windmills, we’ve got you covered with our quick, simple and inexpensive craft DIYs. What’s more, you can do most of these with things you’re likely to already have around the house so there’s no need to go out and break the bank on a bunch of new supplies. Instead, we’ll show you how you can keep your crafts eco-friendly and sustainable.

Celebrate new beginnings in spring

Springtime is a season of new beginnings, and as we finally move away from the cold, dark nights of winter, we’re welcomed by longer days and milder weather tempting us to spend more and more time outside. Spring bursts into action with beautiful blooming flowers spreading fresh fragrances across fields and meadows. The countryside is also filled with new life as lambing season begins and the birds turn up the volume with their birdsong at daybreak.

With all this going on, it’s no wonder springtime helps people get inspired to nurture their creativity and try new things. So, soak up the beauty of the season by taking a walk in the park or sitting in the garden and let nature be your creative muse. There’s no better time to get creative, whether you try something new or rediscover old habits. This is the season to be inspired into creative outlets like writing, painting, singing and even gardening.

Paper windmills

Looking for something the kids can make and show off in the garden to brighten it up in time for spring? These DIY paper windmills are perfect for sticking into plant pots or grass to add a fun pop of colour. Not only are these super simple, but this is yet another craft you can do with supplies you’re likely to already have if you’ve got little ones.

Grab your paper, stick, scissors and glue and watch the step-by-step tutorial below to find out how you can pull off this fun spring craft!

Make your own toilet roll bee

Instead of throwing away the leftover cardboard tube from your toilet roll, why not turn it into an adorable buzzy bee? Not only is this DIY the perfect way to reuse your household waste, but it’s also great for making some spring-themed decorations you’ll be proud to show off around the house!

All you’ll need for this craft are some toilet roll tubes, stick-on eyes, scissors, glue and a black marker. You’ll also need some yellow, blue and black card or paper.

First, cut a strip of yellow paper, making sure it’s the same width as the toilet roll tube. Apply glue and wrap the paper around the paper roll. Next, cut two or three even strips from black paper (use a ruler to help get the measurements the same), apply glue and wrap these around one half of the tube.

Taking your blue paper, cut out two wing shapes and stick these to the top half of the tube above your black stripes. Then, cut out two thin black strips for the antenna and stick these inside the tube opposite the wings.

The final step is to simply stick on the eyes and draw a smiling mouth with your marker pen. Now you can enjoy your creation!

Plastic bottle planters

Our next craft is perfect for inviting all the wonders of nature into your garden. By turning a few plastic bottles into fun planters, you’ll bring all the bees, butterflies and other wonderful creatures to the area and allow spring to truly blossom. Not only this, but it’s also an eco-friendly and sustainable way to repurpose plastic bottles and stop them from ending up in landfills. So get your flowers, herbs and seeds at the ready and don’t forget your DIY planter!

To make this, start by drawing a ring around the bottom of the bottle around one-third of the way up from the bottom. Carefully cut around this line leaving the bottle open at the bottom. The bottle can then be painted with whatever colours and patterns you like – the more creative the better. Once your paint is dry, extra customisations can be added with markers and you can even stick extra elements on with glue.

To make drainage holes, heat up the head of a metal screwdriver (it’s best if an adult does this part) and stick it through the bottom of the plant pot a few times to melt the plastic. Once this step is complete, it’s time to fill the planter with compost, plant your flowers or seeds, add a bit of water, and place it somewhere warm and sunny. This is great for teaching kids about how things grow and giving them the responsibility of looking after their plant!

Blossom finger painting

Blossom trees are a significant part of spring as they blossom right at the very start and line our parks and streets with pretty pinks and whites, so why not enjoy this season by painting a few? For this easy art project, all you’ll need are some paints, paper, and little ones ready to make a mess (as they usually are). This is the perfect family-friendly activity for kids of all ages, and even leaves you with a keepsake you can frame!

First, draw around your child’s hand and arm on a piece of brown paper – this will be the tree. Cut this out and stick it on a piece of white card. Then, with some help, let them dip their finger into pink and white paint and dab this onto the tree to create a blossom tree painting that’s completely unique to them.

Rainbow paper plates

Have a few spare paper plates tucked away in a cupboard? Instead of letting them go to waste, we’ll show you how you can create fun rainbow clouds with them! Alongside your paper plates, you’ll need coloured card or paper for each colour of the rainbow, glue, scissors and cotton wool balls.

Start by cutting the paper plate in half. Then, lay your pieces of coloured card on top of each other and measure a few evenly sized strips using a ruler. Cut out the strips and stick these to the back of the flat edge of the plate you cut in half, making sure they’re in the right order. This is the perfect craft for little ones learning the colours of the rainbow!

Finally, apply glue to the front of the plate and stick on the pieces of cotton wool to create a 3D cloud effect.

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