Staying at Home: Winter Activities for Kids

28 November, 2023

Being outdoors in the sunshine is always an easy option to keep the kids entertained during the spring and summer months but in the cooler months of the year parents have to think a bit more outside the box – and a bit more inside the house – in order to keep their cherubs amused.

In this blog, we’ll explore a few different activities, that are sure to capture the imaginations of your children during a time when the winter weather can lead to boredom, idleness, and most importantly, poor mental health.

Arts and crafts

Arts and crafts are a great way to spend the days when the weather is drab and dreary. There is perhaps no better time of year to get your paintbrushes, paper, and crayons out. With that in mind, here are some ideas to consider.

Window decorations: Window decorations are not only a fantastic way to make the house look beautiful during winter, but it’s also a fantastic way to spend a few hours with the family. You can either buy some stencils or make your own and then spray artificial snow over the stencil to leave the imprint on the window.

Top Tip: When the winter season is coming to an end, you can use glass cleaner to remove the spray snow.

Christmas Paperchains: Another great way to decorate the house during winter is by making Christmas paperchains or bunting to hang across the ceiling.

There are plenty of tutorials online check out the YouTube video below to get you started, all you need to do this is some paper, scissors, glue, and maybe some tape to put it all together. Once you’re done with them, they can either be folded up neatly for next year or recycled.


Bonding over food is one of the most important ways that we bond, and the University of Oxford claims that those who eat together live happier lives. So, here are some unique winter baking ideas to bring the family together this year.

Gingerbread people: Gingerbread is an absolute staple of the winter period, known for its delicious smell and warming taste, there is no better way to shake away those winter blues.

It’s not just the cooking and eating that will keep the kids entertained, decorating gingerbread people with sweets and icing is bound to keep the kids occupied and engage their imaginations.

Why not try to make a gingerbread version of yourself, complete with icing clothes and strawberry lace hair?

Home-made hot chocolate: Instant hot chocolate is a quick and easy way to warm yourself during cold nights, but by taking a little bit more time you can turn something quick and simple into an amazing pastime for the whole family.

Here are some ideas for toppings:

Things to do outside the home

Nature walks: As well as making the most of being indoors during this time of year, you can also appreciate how the outside world changes beautifully in winter. Going on winter walks in the countryside will help to avoid being sedentary during the winter as well as increasing your child’s appreciation of nature. If you’re unsure of local walks, the internet is a great place to research “beautiful walks in my area” or if you’re local to us in Pembrokeshire why not visit Pembrokeshire Coast National Park for some inspiration.

Indoor activities: If you don’t fancy getting wrapped up in your winter clothes, November to February is a great time to see what indoor attractions the UK has to offer. Although Oakwood Theme Park is closed over the winter, our sister attractions including Blue Planet Aquarium and Bristol Aquarium offering a fantastic escape from the chill of winter.

At Bristol Aquarium you can check out daily talks and activities right through winter knowing that you’ll be cosy and warm, just like the fish in the Coral Seas exhibit.

Taking care of their mental health

As with adults, a child’s mental health is at greater risk during the cooler months where the shorter days and limited sunlight can affect your child’s mood drastically.

You should try to put a strong emphasis on making sure that you and your family are getting out and about during the day, eating well and practising mindfulness such as breathing exercises and grounding techniques.

That’s our list of activities you should do with your children during winter. Despite the cooler weather, we believe that winter offers a unique opportunity to do things you wouldn’t, or even couldn’t, do during the summer months.

From baking to decorating, there is plenty to keep you and your children busy when the days get shorter.