18 August, 2012

Dozens of the UK’s most fanatical roller coaster descended on Oakwood Theme Park at the weekend (August 11th – 12th).
Members of the Roller Coaster Club of Great Britain visited the Pembrokeshire attraction for a special weekend of thrills including an after dark ride event known as Mega-Glow-Mania.
Described as a high-speed party, the event sees members donning glow in the dark costumes to enjoy an hour’s rollercoaster ride complete with musical accompaniment after the sun has set.
Chairman of the RCCGB Andy Hine MBE, who has ridden well over 1,000 different roller coasters, said: “Oakwood has been a permanent fixture on our trip calendar since Megafobia opened in 1996.
“The UK has so few wooden coasters and Megafobia still remains one of the world’s best. It is fun from start to finish; you get on smiling and get off laughing!” he added.
Members of the Club were also able to ride Speed, during a private session and other activities included a baseball game with wooden coaster fans pitted against steel coaster fans.
Set in 80 acres of spectacular Pembrokeshire countryside Oakwood is one of the UK’s leading theme parks.
Megafobia has been voted the best ride in the UK and the third best ride in the world by coaster enthusiasts.
With a top speed in excess of 75 kph and 25 metre drops towards a lake combined with unique crossovers the twister has attained legendary status among coaster fans worldwide.
The Park is also home to Speed which was the first beyond vertical drop ride in the UK and Drenched, one of the tallest, steepest and wettest ride in Europe.