Young Adventure at Oakwood

From a classic carousel to a crazy clown coaster, we have a collection of rides that are aimed at the little ones – and it’s guaranteed to keep them busy and entertained throughout the visit! It has all the fun of a circus and more, so let’s take a closer look at the rides we have to offer…



Tea Cups

Not afraid of a little dizziness? Why not climb into one of our giant Tea Cups, hang on to the spinning wheel, and watch how fast it can spin?!

MIN AGE: 2 years old



Clown Coaster

Who said all clowns are scary? This Circus Clown is about to take you on a ride and it’s going to be a fun one – hop aboard and hold on tight!

MIN AGE: 2 years old



Circus Train

Ladies and gentlemen (and baby railway buffs), this is your captain speaking – on behalf of the entire Oakwood crew, welcome aboard Choo Choo the train. Please take a seat, and it’s full steam ahead we go!

MIN AGE: 2 years old




Take a lil’ break from the adrenaline by taking a spin on our classic carousel roundabout – you’ll just have to decide which animal to climb aboard!

MIN AGE: 2 years old



*Note: because these rides are located in close proximity to each other, we often have a couple of staff members running all of them at the same time. So just queue as normal and one of our staff members will attend to you as quickly as possible.

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