Rides & Attractions

Adrenaline Adventure


Hold tight and get ready for 2000 feet of fast, furious fun. You’ll climb, plunge, roll, twist, turn and loop on super fast orange rails at speeds of up to 95kph. And be left begging for more!!!!


The nearest you'll ever get to being a human bullet, Bounce blasts you up in the air at up to 70kph. Don't get your breath back yet, hold on for the shock drops as you bounce your way back down to earth.


Take the plunge and let Drenched carry you 100 feet up into the air, then drop you at up to 88kph into the pool below. Think that's as wet as you can get? Try handling the 45 foot splash wave on the bridge!Drenched is now closed for the 2016 season


Whip through the air in our fast turning, heart tumbling, wild wooden roller coaster, and find out why it's been voted the best ride in the UK and the third best ride in the world. It's mega!


You might have seen a house fly. Even a horse fly. But has anyone seen you fly? Go for it on Vertigo, the skydiver-designed extreme flight experience.Vertigo can fly up to 3 people at a time. A flight usually costs £36 in total for up to 3 people however we do run special offers from time to time!

Family Adventure

Boating Lake

Take to the water for a relaxing cruise – unless it’s your turn to pedal! Our pedaloes take up to 5 people and the boating lake is a great place to see the sights – and sounds of Megafobia!


Go it alone or team up as two and take on our downhill bobsleigh run. Free running sledges gather speed as the corners get faster – don’t forget to slow down for the finish.

Circus Land

Circus land is for under 8’s accompanied by adults and has the following attractions:· Clown Coaster· Kids Carousel· Kids Train


Tiger Woods will be shaking in his golf shoes when he sees you in action on mini golf. But look out, there could be a surprise in store as you go for your hole in one.

Moon Landing

Brave kids and also some adults take the plunge on our classic giant near vertical slide!! (Please be aware you must be at least 8 years old to take this plunge)!!

Pirate Ship

Ahoy me hearties! All aboard the Pirate Ship and hold on to your hats! You’re about to be tossed from side to side across the seven seas. There’s a half swing every hour, so Junior Pirates can be tossed across three and a half seas!

Snake River Falls

Take a dinghy for one man or two and head for the fast flowing white water of Snake River Falls. Race down the rapids as the water whirls and swirls and hurls you down river through two open and two covered slides till you’re home. But probably not dry.

Spooky 3D

Do you dare enter the haunted house? Take your seat on the ghost train, put your ghoulish 3D glasses on and keep your eyes wide open. You’re about to encounter some grabbing, grasping, frightening sights.

Treetops Coaster

Climb aboard the Treetops Coaster as it takes you on its branch line high in the trees above Oakwood. Weave a thrilling, twisting, turning path as you go, and look out for squirrels


It’s not just the water that falls. Take a deep breath as your single sledge drops down a sheer water shoot into the shallow pool below. Getting wet has never been so much fun!



Take to the skies on Aerodrome! Themed around Croydon Aerodrome, London’s biggest airport at the time of the Peter Pan story, guests will be able to choose to fly in a plane decorated in the livery of either Great Britain, France, Spain, Wales, England, Scotland or Ireland

Crocodile Coaster (r)

Tick Tock, ride with the croc! This unique family coaster is perfect for both young thrill seekers and first time coaster riders. At the end of your ride, if you think the crocodile’s going to stop, think again! This ride may rotate opening times with Neverland Chase during off-peak or quieter days.

Hook’s House of Havoc

Join the Oakwood fun in our indoor soft play! Enjoy our slides, ball pool, sports court and much more!!

Jolly Roger

Our youngest explorers can now take to the high seas and sail down the River Thames on route to Peter Pan’s magical home of Neverland. With no minimum height this ride is perfect for our youngers guests not quite brave enough to venture on to the larger Pirate Ship ride here at Oakwood.

Journey to Neverland

Come Away, Come Away.Enter 14 Kensington Gardens, where you will follow Peters' shadow around the Darlings' bedroom as Tink flys around exploring.Then through the window, off to the "Second on the right"..... NEVERLAND!

London Taxi ride

Take a taxi ride around classic early 20th century London and experience the sights, sounds and smells familiar to Wendy and the Darling family before their flight to Neverland.

Lost Boys Adventure

Fun for all the family! The little ones can take the plunge down three enclosed slides, the older kids can run around looking out for all the hidden surprises scattered around the attraction and the parents can sit back, relax and watch the Neverland Chase trucks make their way around the circumference of the Lost Boys’ Adventure.

Neverland Chase

Hop aboard one of our wooden trucks and take a journey through this magical kingdom packed full of surprises. But beware! Many intrepid explorers have told us that a lion is hiding in the bushes! This ride may rotate opening times with Croc Coaster during off-peak or quieter days.

Skull Rock

Dare you take the plunge into Hook’s secret fortress?! Be warned, Hook is guarding his treasure and has vowed to send intruders plummeting down a 40 foot freefall drop. This ride certainly isn’t one for land lovers!

Tink's Flying school

Get ready for a flight of fantasy with the famous fairy. If you’d like to fly, just take your seat, strap yourself in and, with the help of a little fairy dust, Tink will do the rest.

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