16th – 17th & 23rd – 31st October 2021 | 11am-7pm

Ride All Day. Scream All Night!

Getting ready to haunt you this Halloween with 4 chilling horror mazes…..get ready for the scare!!! (Spooktacular attractions open from 4:30pm)

Please note that from Saturday 23rd October 2021 we will require all guests to wear a face covering in the Spooktacular scare attractions (unless medically exempt or under 12 years old).

Rides open until 4pm: Crocodile Coaster, Dizzy Disk, Hooks House of Havoc, Moon Landing, Neverland Chase, Skull Rock, The Lost Boys Adventure, Tinks Flying School, Speed, Treetops, Pirate Ship, Waterfall, Boating Lake & Snake River Falls.

Rides open until 7pm: The Creepy Crawler, Megafobia, Bobsleigh, Witches Brew, Spooky 3D, Aerodrome, The Sights of London, Jolly Roger, & Drenched (opens from 2pm)

Take a sneeky peek at our preview video

Spooktacular 2021 Attractions

Will you dare venture into the darkness alone?
Will you be DISMANTLED?
If you go down to the woods today you’re in for a big surprise!
RETURNING for Spooktacular 2021!

Catering Outlets open until 4pm: Ice Cream & Woody’s

Catering Outlets open until 7pm: The Haunt & The Oak Tree (from 4pm)

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Watch our 2019 Spooktacular video here!