Unusual Theme Parks Around the World

6 December, 2018

At Oakwood, we’re proud to be a part of a global community of theme parks dedicated to escapism, thrills and bringing families closer together. We’ve carved our niche as Wales’ number one theme park, hosting more than forty amazing attractions in one amazing park, and being home to the UK’s voted number one wooden rollercoaster. However, other parks sometimes have to resort to some rather more unusual gimmicks to attract visitors to their resorts. The following is a list of some of the more unusual theme parks around the world…

Diggerland, England
Don’t be fooled by this theme park, it isn’t a work in progress, those diggers are meant to be there. In fact, they’re the main attraction. You can be flung into the air whilst sat in a digger’s bucket, have a go at excavating the ground, and generally ride, pilot and spin around in diggers of all shapes and sizes at Diggerland. Just don’t forget your hard hat and high-vis jacket. If you’ve ever loved Tonka toys, you don’t have to dig too deep to understand why this park is a hit with people all over the country.

Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi
This one makes sense on paper. After all, what could be more synonymous with hurtling around a track at incredible speeds than Ferrari? And speed is what this place is all about, with the world’s fastest rollercoaster, the Formula Rossa, capable of taking thrill seekers to near blackout extremes of pleasure and terror. Oh, and did we mention that the nearly 40 attractions here are almost all inside? Because this theme park has a huge red roof. Don’t let anyone tell you the UAE don’t know how to make a thrilling theme park.

Bon-bon Land, Denmark
For every family-friendly attraction, like Oakwood’s Snake River Falls, Bon-bon Land has a flatulent themed alternative, such as the Dog Fart Roller Coaster. As you hurtle past giant mounds of canine poops, you’re treated to an evocative soundtrack. Meanwhile, sculptures of weeing ants and vomiting rats help keep the bodily function theme front and centre. This is actually one of Denmark’s most popular theme parks, and we’re told the toilets are very clean.

Republic of the Children, Argentina
You won’t find anything to match Oakwood’s Speed or Vertigo here, instead you’ll find unthemepark-like fodder such as a courthouse, a church and a shipping port. But here’s the twist: all these buildings are built to scale, in fact, they’re designed for children. Because the Republic of Children is a city where everything is child sized. There’s a child’s bank, a government building based on the UK parliament, and a regular council meeting every year to decide how the youth government should run. Whilst it’s low on escapist thrills, this park is educational, and is even said to have inspired a visiting Walt Disney to build Disneyland.

Oakwood, Pembrokeshire
We don’t have a flatulence-themed roller coaster, that’s for sure. Though we do have the big four thrills:  Megafobia, Vertigo, Drenched and Speed. We do however have one thing in common with all the above, and that’s the simple fact we’re all part of a community of excitement filled parks that have fun at their heart. So visit us, it’ll be good for you.