The 4 Types of Person You Always See at a Theme Park

13 April, 2018

Theme parks are, by nature, designed to suit a wide range of people, so you’re bound to see everyone from parents with young kids to thrill-seekers looking for their next adrenaline rushes. While you’re enjoying your next theme park visit, see if you can spot any of these usual suspects.

Responsible Rita

Often found dutifully waiting around the kids’ rides or the family section, staring longingly at the rollercoasters that have height requirements, self-sacrificing mums like Responsible Rita are a staple of every theme park.
Depending on when you see Rita, she may already look weary from a round of crying (the children, not her, although…), queuing, and plenty of running around. But generally she’s enjoying a family day out where everyone’s needs are catered for, and she’s watching on as the kids get their first taste of how fun the different rides are.
At some point in the day, you’ll spot a joyful Rita running over to the bigger rides whilst she and dad take turns looking after the kids, eagerly relinquishing supervision duties for a short time.
Rita is likely to be the most organised person you see in the park, equipped with packed lunches, ponchos, and a knowledge of where all the rest areas are (more accurate than Google Maps!). She’ll be at the park bright and early to make the most of the day, and then she’ll be gone long before everyone else gets stuck in the end-of-day traffic when the park closes.
Accompanying Rita, you’ll see the kids having the times of their lives. They probably woke up an hour before everyone else, and their energy levels will be so high that you’ll be worried that they’ve consumed all the sugar in the park.
(Of course, there are Responsible Roberts out there too!)

Adrenaline Andy

It’s barely midday and Andy has already ridden all of the biggest rides in the park, and after a quick break, he’ll be back for round two. There is no rollercoaster fast enough and no drop big enough to scare him. You’ll notice Adrenaline Andys grouped together, enthusiastically discussing the different rides and comparing notes on which ones offer the biggest adrenaline rushes.
Andy is a theme-park veteran who seems to know the current waiting-time for each and every ride, and he always comes equipped with a battleplan to leave no rollercoaster unridden. Always eager to be at the front of the ride and make the most of his time in the park, you’re guaranteed to find Andy with a fast-pass so he can jump the queue.
(Again, we’re well aware that there are Adrenaline Andreas also.)

Loved-up Liam

You might not think of a theme park as a popular choice for dates, but nothing helps loved-up Liam win over his date like an adrenaline-fueled ride or a few games at the arcade. Even though Liam secretly isn’t a fan of the scary rides, he’ll put on a brave face to impress his girl, and he’ll make a heroic attempt at winning a teddy bear (and, in the process, her heart).
You’ll see Liam and his date huddling close on the water rides, or excitedly lining up for the wooden rollercoasters to enjoy a romantic whirl around what they see as a nostalgic alternative to the modern steel coasters. No queue is too big for this loved-up duo, because they’ve got each other for company, as well as plenty of snacks to share between them.
(Liam’s female equivalent is Leanne, of course.)

Fearful Fiona

Found waiting near ride-exits, clutching everyone else’s coats and bags whilst looking on in fear, you have Fiona, the scaredy-cat of the group. An unwilling participant who is only here because she was outvoted when it came to choosing the venue for the day out.
Fearful Fiona is the one who’s more interested in socialising with her friends rather than the rides themselves. She’s the person who makes the most of everything a theme park offers that doesn’t involve her feet leaving the ground, like the arcade or a round of mini golf for some friendly competition.
(Floyd is Fiona’s male counterpart.)


Join the Fun

With all these different types of people enjoying a day out at a theme park, the only person missing is you! Whether you’re looking for a family day out or a new thrill, book your ticket online now and join the fun.