Summer Discounts for Thrill-Seeking Rollercoaster Lovers

28 June, 2017

Join us at Oakwood this summer for amazing discounts and offers. There’s never a better time of year to get your heart racing and adrenaline pumping at the theme park. We’re now completely open for the summer months and ready to welcome all of you rollercoaster lovers through the gates.
Come and be a part of our summer thrill-seeking celebrations by heading to our best-loved trio of rollercoasters – Megafobia, Speed, and Drenched. What are you waiting for? Pick up your discounted tickets!

Our Summer Discounts

From 1st to 21st July, we’re offering 30% off all tickets when you book online, including standard, child, and concession tickets. PLUS, when you buy a ticket online during July, you can enjoy a second visit to the theme park in August for just £5!

Speed at Oakwood Theme Park

Speed at Oakwood Theme Park


Embrace Your Fears

Facing your fears head-on is often the best policy. Did you know, being scared can actually be good for your health and boost your brain power a little?!
Created back in 1996 to conquer those rollercoaster phobias, our jewel-in-the-crown classic coaster, Megafobia, is not to be missed. Now more than 20 years old, the UK’s number-one wooden rollercoaster is a must-ride for mini thrill-seekers and big kids alike. Make sure you pull your best #RollercoasterFace for the camera!


Need for Speed

Feeling brave? Make sure you head over to Speed for a faster-than-life experience. As the UK’s original beyond-vertical-drop rollercoaster, you can expect unbelievable speeds, exciting loops and rolls, and a heart-in-your-mouth plunge.
Reaching up above the treetops 115 feet in the sky, you’ll be able to spot this rollercoaster as soon as you step into the park.


Dare to Dive

What could be more refreshing and thrilling than riding through the wave of our Drenched coaster this summer? Climb aboard your boat cart and we’ll take you up more than 100 feet in the air before the 55-miles-per-hour dive through the water below.
Hold your breath and prepare to get drenched by the UK’s biggest tidal wave at 45 feet!


Pick Up Your Tickets Online

Ready to embrace a summer of adventure and excitement? Make sure you book your tickets online in July to get the most out of our exclusive discount. And ride your favourite rollercoasters as many times as you like!
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