Speed's Speedy Recovery Plan

8 August, 2018

Speed is a little under the weather at the moment, but fear not, we’re doing our best to make sure this thrill-seeker makes a rapid return to recovery.
Here’s a sneak peak behind Speed’s rehabilitation programme for the week ahead.
Wednesday 8th August
Having had the diagnosis that there is a problem with the tension on the chain, we are working closely with our world-class ride manufacture partners in Germany, to identify how the problem arose so we can make sure it doesn’t happen again. They have already confirmed to us that there is no impairment of ride safety.
Thursday 9th August
We are in constant consultation with the manufacturer, examining detailed drawings and material specifications in order to produce new housing for the chain that will prevent future problems.
Friday 10th – Sunday 12th August
The team in Germany are working all hours to fabricate a replacement and more robust housing case for Speed’s chain.
The engineers at Oakwood prepare Speed ahead of the replacement parts’ arrival, dismantling the units and cleaning the mechanisms.
Monday 13th August
Hooray! The engineers from Germany will arrive today with replacement parts to be fitted to Speed and ensure it is back to a clean bill of health in no time.
Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly so we can stay on track!
Tuesday 14th August
The fitting is well underway, with the Oakwood team and German manufacturers working together like one big happy roller coaster family!
Wednesday 15th August
Sadly, following our traditional Welsh weather the final installation of the new parts is delayed. Working at heights in the wind and the rain is no easy feat – but the teams struggle on.
Thanks for your patience Oakwood fans!
Thursday 16th August
An early start to do a few final tweaks, then thorough testing all morning and we should have Speed open to enjoy in the afternoon. Lets all cross our fingers together!!