Explore Neverland This Summer

5 June, 2017

Take your family on a magical trip to Neverland this summer! Perfect for 3-8 year olds, our Neverland-themed area is full of exciting rides and attractions that are designed to keep your little ones entertained and make the perfect after school treat! What’s more, adults get free entry when they accompany a child Tuesdays to Thursdays in June, so there’s never been a better time to take your family on a fun-filled adventure to Neverland!
Skull Rock
Your kids will love our thrilling Skull Rock ride! But beware, scary Captain Hook is about and he’s looking for young adventurers who are trying to enter his cave! Climb aboard your very own log and try to escape his terrifying clutches if you can…
Tink’s Flying School
Remember to bring a little fairy dust with you, because all of our little visitors want to climb aboard Tinkerbell’s Flying School ride! Take a seat, strap yourself in, and Tink will take off, flying you through the air to give you a magical adventure you’ll never forget.
Are your little ones always on the lookout for the next adventure? Then make sure they take to the skies with our exciting Aerodrome ride! Pick your favourite plane, sit tight, and get ready for the ride of a lifetime!
Lost Boys Adventure
Calling all little adventurers! The Lost Boys (and Girls!) of Neverland all come out to play in the Lost Boys Adventure area so make sure you stop by on your visit. With exciting slides, the Neverland Chase Cars whizzing past, and lots of other hidden surprises throughout the area, it’s perfect for little adventurers to go exploring!
Hook’s House of Havoc
Get ready for a day of fun and adventure at Hook’s House of Havoc! This huge indoor soft play area is filled with slides, nets, ladders, and even giant inflatable balls! The area is tucked away in a cosy indoor space too, so it’s perfect if you come on a rainy day or you just fancy a lunchtime rest.
Jolly Roger Pirate Ship
Little explorers love our exciting Jolly Roger Pirate Ship! Even the youngest adventurers can climb aboard our huge vessel with their shipmates and enjoy the rocky ride.
Start Your Magical Adventure
So what are you waiting for? Come and see us at Neverland this summer to start your exciting family adventure! Call us on 01834 815 170 to book your tickets.