EPIC FAMILY: Little Thrillseekers – A Guide to Rollercoasters for Kids

25 April, 2018

Welcome aboard: amusement-park rides can be thrilling, but all the twists and turns may be a little too much for some kids to handle.
If you’re hoping that this is the year your child musters up the courage to go on their first rollercoaster adventure, read on to see how we suggest you should go about helping them enjoy their first big ride.
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Preparation is Key

Young children (especially those who get anxious about new experiences easily) don’t like surprises. Before visiting a theme park, take a look at the attraction’s website and research whether they have kid-friendly rollercoaster. If they do, find out which one is best-suited for your child to try dip their toes and discuss how much fun it will be.

Focus on the Fun

With everything from small rides to water slides, you should focus on the fun by pointing out other kids coming off rides laughing and smiling. Knowing that other kids their age and size enjoyed the ride can help to sooth your little one’s anxiety. It will also make your little ones feel a lot more at ease with getting on a ride.
Just make sure that you frame this positively – the last thing your child needs is to think that they’re not as brave as other kids!
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Nerves Are Normal

Newsflash: kids can be scaredy-cats! However, while your little ones may feel a little anxious beforehand, it doesn’t mean that they’re too scared to go on the ride. Young kids are often scared of theme-park rides because they don’t understand how they work. So before going on a ride, explain to them how the rollercoasters stay on-track, how they’re connected to the rails, and how the harnesses lock to keep them safe and secure.
Remember that it’s completely normal for kids (and even some adults!) to feel a little nervous, scream, and squeeze the hand of whoever sitting next to them on the rollercoaster – but that’s all part of the fun!

Nudge, Don’t Force

You don’t want your child’s first memories of riding a rollercoaster to be an unpleasant one! That’s why it’s important to know the difference between nudging and forcing them to go on a ride – knowing when to back down can make the difference in making sure their experience is a happy one.

Start Small

Kids don’t overcome their fears of big rides within the blink of an eye. So consider inviting your child to pick which attraction(s) they want to go on the most, so that they feel in control of their own experience. If they’re reluctant to try the big rollercoaster, start with smaller rides instead.
(Our Clown Coaster is perfect for rookie thrillseekers – check out all our kid-friendly rides.)

Enjoy the Ride!

We hope you’ve found these tips helpful and that your little one’s first rollercoaster ride is an enjoyable one! We want to hear all about your ‘coaster stories, so tweet to us @OakwoodThemePk or give us a shout-out on Facebook!
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