5 Reasons Why Theme Parks Are Good for You

7 May, 2024

Whether you’re visiting during the school holidays or even a weekday, there is so much you can get out of visiting a theme park.

Hours of fresh air, exercise and heart-thumping thrills, to name but a few of the benefits that are associated with theme parks, but the reasons go far deeper than that!

Read on and you’ll find five reasons why visiting a theme park is invigorating for the body and the mind!

Escape the ordinary everyday

Looking to escape the humdrum of your normal routine?

What better place to do that than at a theme park? It’s not every day that you find yourself strapped into a thrilling rollercoaster like Megafobia or Speed, with exhilarating loops and drops that will whisk you away from the usual daytime activities.

A theme park can even transport you to the world of fairies, pirates, clowns, astronauts, and many more! You could be an explorer in a world of wonders or a familiar fairytale. Surrounded by joy and happiness, you can immerse yourself in the fantasy for as long as you choose to stay.

You can temporarily forget your stresses

The modern world can be filled with stress and worry, but a theme park allows you to let your hair down a little by giving you the chance to immerse yourself in an entirely different world for the day.

According to clinical psychologist Judy Kurianski, who carried out a study in the 90s called ‘Theme Park Therapy’, fast-paced rides can be helpful outlets when you’re feeling stressed out because they expose us to ‘good fear’. So, riding a rollercoaster like the Megafobia can actually be therapeutic, especially if you truly let go of all your worries and scream away your anxiety!

Whether it’s an assignment deadline or a job interview, when you’re at a theme park you can put it to the back of your mind for a little while and live in the moment.

You can burn calories

Theme parks can often cover areas as vast as 100 square miles! Because they’re so big, a lot of walking is needed to explore the entirety of these attractions. Oakwood Theme Park covers 80 acres of the open Pembrokeshire countryside.

Since you’ll be burning so many calories, it’s only right that you replenish those calories at one of our delicious eateries!

Can you think of a more enjoyable way to feel a little fitter? Didn’t think so!

You can conquer your fears

Theme-park rides are often meant to thrill and excite riders, but understandably, this thrill isn’t everyone’s cuppa tea… at least at first!

Overcoming your fears is one of the greatest accomplishments that life has to offer, so if you’re a little apprehensive about climbing aboard the likes of Bounce or Vertigo, the best thing you can do, is to just do it and not overthink it!Whether it’s the height or the speed that’s haunting you, you can learn to control it and start enjoying the thrill our rides offer, starting off small and building up to the bigger rides.

While you may not feel it amidst the plummeting drops and nauseating twists and turns, plunging into a crowd head-first can actually foster your confidence and improve your self-esteem, allow you to live life unhindered, as well as providing a way to healthily burn off excess adrenaline that may be circulating in your body.

You can spend quality time with friends and family

Spending time with your friends and family is a brilliant way to strengthen the bond between you, and where better to do so than a theme park? The sense of adventure and the sense of bonding that you experience at a theme park is absolutely unparalleled: you can share the adventure with your loved ones and create lasting memories with the people you love.

Now that we’ve shed some light on the numerous benefits that a theme park offers, we’d love if it you paid us a visit the next time you’re in Pembrokeshire!

After experiencing the benefits we’ve talked about, we know that you’ll be back time after time. Why not grab a season pass for unlimited entry all season?