5 Key Reasons to Visit South Wales

6 September, 2017

South Wales is one of the best places to visit in the UK, whether you’re coming as part of a family holiday or just coming to unwind after a tough week in the office.
The region is home to some wonderful tourist attractions, outdoor activities, and fun things to do. To help convince you a little bit more, we’ve looked at five of our favourite reasons why South Wales is a top destination for you to visit.
The Year of Legends
2017 marks ‘the Year of Legends’, an iconic celebration of the rich heritage of Wales.
The country will be remembering thousands of years of history, so why not take a trip back in time and discover the medieval roots of South Wales? Come and discover more about King Arthur at one of the 600+ castles in Wales, or take a visit to a UNESCO World Heritage Site and learn about our Celtic ancestors.
South Wales is rich with history, and it makes for a fun and educational visit for all the family.
Perfect for Thrill-Seekers
Whether trekking, horse-riding, or rollercoasting is your thing, there’s more than enough to fill your thrill-seeking appetite in South Wales!
Right in the heart of Pembrokeshire, Oakwood Theme Park offers the perfect mix of adrenaline-fuelled rides and family-themed attractions. Our park is also home to Megafobia, which is often ranked one of the best wooden rollercoasters in the world – taking you up to heights of 85ft! Don’t forget to visit the magical world of Neverland too.
Embrace the Outdoors
South Wales is one of the UK’s most beautiful places to visit, as it is surrounded by mountains and national parks.
On a sunny day, enjoy the tranquility of the region’s nature by bringing a picnic to a lake or park. Spanning across eight acres, the idyllic Cwm Hedd lakes (translated to mean ‘peace and tranquillity’) is an ideal spot to relax, and is even known as a great location for fishing.
If you’re a golfer, you’ll jump at the opportunity to attempt to score that ‘hole in one’ at one of South Wales’s many golf courses and resorts. (If you’re more of an amateur golfer, you might prefer to give our Mini Golf attraction a go instead.)
Take to the Waves
Embrace the water at some of the best coastal areas and beaches you’ll find in the whole country!
Newton Beach in Porthcawl is a popular location for those seeking some adrenaline-based fun in the sea, and brings windsurfers, jet skiers, and sailors from all over the world together to catch a wave. If you don’t want to take the plunge and join them, the coastlines make for the perfect viewing spot!
There’s Something for Everyone!
South Wales has a variety of attractions, events, and activities that suit everyone’s taste – no matter what age. There’s really something for everyone, whether you’re after a relaxing weekend or an action-packed week.
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