Why autumn is one of the best times to visit a Theme Park

23 September, 2019

You might think that once the summer months are over, theme park fun comes to an end too. But that’s not the case. Lots of theme parks are open throughout the autumn months, including Oakwood theme park. In fact, taking a trip to a theme park during autumn can be one of the best times to visit. Why? From the beautiful scenery to a number of exclusive seasonal events, it’s a great way to inject some fun into the colder months. 


Beautiful autumnal views

As autumn arrives, the trees dramatically transform into various stunning shades of amber and you can’t deny the golden scenery at this time of year is one of the highlights of the season. Now imagine flying through the air on a high-speed coaster whilst taking in this amazing backdrop. 

Well, at Oakwood Theme Park you can. Based in the Pembrokeshire countryside, Wales, we’re surrounded by beautiful woodland which looks pretty spectacular in the autumnal months. It fills the theme park with new colours and scents, as you brave our bigger rides. 



Exclusive seasonal events

Did you know, it’s not just the summer weeks that theme parks have lots going on. In fact, autumn is actually pretty big when it comes to theme park activity, so don’t be the one to miss out!

Oakwood Theme Park comes alive with all kinds of autumnal events; from a whole host of spooktacular attractions at Halloween, to our breath-taking firework finale in November. Visit on one of these many occasions, and your rollercoaster fix will be even more memorable. 



Fewer crowds

Let’s be honest, with the holidays over, and some not brave enough to wrap up and face the chillier weather, theme parks tend to be a little quieter in the autumn months. So if you’re a big thrill-seeker and are keen to get in as many rides as you can, now’s a great time to visit. 

On the flip side, if your kids find the summer crowds a little overwhelming, heading to a theme park during this time of year can really help. 

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Beat the blues

Autumn signals the transition into the colder, darker time of year, and as the weather changes, it’s inevitable to feel a little blue from time to time. I mean, who wouldn’t? But there’s no need to hibernate in woolly jumpers just yet. No, really… there are lots of ways to boost morale and enjoy the autumn season. 

What’s on top of the list? Yep,  you guessed it. 

What better way to lift your spirits than catching some thrills on a rollercoaster or two. As you’re whizzed up and down and side-to-side, your heart rate will shoot up and the adrenaline will start flowing. With guaranteed, laughs, shrieks, and a scream or two, you’ll be loving the colder season in no time.


Visit Oakwood Theme Park this autumn! 

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