What does it feel like to ride a rollercoaster?

30 September, 2019

Recently, we asked our Oakwood theme park goers, ‘what does it feel like to ride a rollercoaster’? And boy did you give us some answers. We were overwhelmed by all of your amazing responses which really conjured up the rollercoaster of emotions you experience, from joy and excitement to extreme nerves and adrenaline. Take a look…


And on top of that, we thought we’d share a few extracts from of our absolute favourite entries…

“Waiting in the car as people get on gives you butterflies of anticipation as your heart begins to beat faster, your adrenaline causes your body [to] tense and as the car pulls away the smile on your face is wide. Palms get sweaty as you chug up the climb, jolting and wondering if this was the best idea, then as the top appears you hold your breath, wait, moments pass in a heartbeat, then whoosh, your hair and face taking the full force of the wind as you try to hold on, holding back the screams for the first few dips, until suddenly you feel you can’t hold it in. But you’re not alone as the entire train are screaming as you bank the bend and dip, rush and find you are barely holding on, so you let go and allow your arms to wave in the air. The sudden clunk and slowing down is like a welcome friend, there to remind you that it’s done, it’s over, relax and get back in line”.

–  Anthony Rout


“Yes, no, faster, slower, can’t look, must look, omg, help, dizzy, excited, fast heart, pumping veins, never again, let’s go again”.

–  Mandy Kelly O’Brien


It feels like you are on top of the world with the wind rushing through your hair, the blood pumping through your veins and a scream escaping from the very depths of your soul! A scream of excitement, exhilaration, fear and pure heaven”.

–  Liz Kemp


“The building of anticipation rises with every click and clack up the lift before the slight euphoria as the car crests its peak. From there on in you are on a journey, with negatives and positives racing one after the next. We all hope to be both scared and thrilled at the same time but on a special moment .. that neutral airtime float… things can go into slow motion. All before the hiss and clamp of the breaks when we look around at our fellow riders and just smile contently. Do we re-ride?”

– Mike Knight


“I love a rollercoaster. The excitement in my belly turns before the ride starts. The build-up makes me feel like an excited kid again. The adrenaline pumps through and then the drop…….hands up or not…. do I dare… yes my hands are up! And my stomach is churning, the rush of air as we go down, I’m laughing my head off at this point because my husband is petrified next to me…….wow!”

– Tara Davies


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