Top 5 Theme Park Rides Your Kids Will Love

23 May, 2019

A great amusement park has a huge variety of theme park rides for visitors of all ages to enjoy – from thrilling roller coasters to child-friendly attractions – each one offering a unique thrill.


Read on if you’re planning a family trip. We’re sure that these 5 theme park rides are your little ones’ idea of heaven, so get ready for some impressive and mind-blowing rides that you can find around the country; hand-picked just for your kids – don’t worry, big kids can ride them too!


1. Transportation Rides


Many large theme parks offer young visitors milder rides that comes in the form of a vehicle – trains, monorails, and cars are only some of the most common choices, and these rides typically have more than one station where riders can begin or end their journeys.


At Oakwood, you can hail a famous London black cab and take to the streets of the Big Smoke, and see some of London’s most iconic sights!


2. Dark Rides


Are transportation rides too mild for your little daredevils? Then they need to experience a dark ride. Enclosed, spooky, hair-raising, spine-tingling – dark rides transport you along a track through a dark setting, which present some type of story arc and often features some element of horror, too.


Taking your kiddos on a dark ride is somewhat of a rite of passage. Come to Oakwood and you’ll find Spooky 3D, where you can climb aboard a cart, put on a pair of 3D glasses, and enjoy a ghoulish ride around a haunted house!


3. Water Rides


Summer is the perfect time to explore, and there’s no better way to cool off than to take advantage of a water ride.


Water rides, such as Drenched and Snake River Falls, are a classic type of ride that can be found at pretty much any theme park around the country. They tend to be similar to roller coasters with varying elevation and speed, and they often result in dousing those riding them in a huge wave of water towards the end. Just don’t forget to bring a change of clothes!


4. Circular Rides


Circular rides are classic carnival rides that many theme park enthusiasts know and love. As their name suggests, spinning is the primary action of circular rides. It’s probably not a good idea to take your kids on a circular ride if they’re prone to nausea or motion sickness, otherwise they’re a staple at many theme parks because they can offer an exciting ride in a small space for smaller thrillseekers.


5. Roller Coasters


Of course, you can’t really beat the roller coaster. With multi-seat cars that travel at great speeds along tracks with various twists and turns, the roller coaster may well be the king of all theme park rides.


In fact, roller coasters are often a park’s main attractions – and it’s no different here at Oakwood, where you can find Megaphobia, Speed, the Creepy Crawler, and Treetops. The dips, curves, drops, and inversions of these rides are popular with many theme park fanatics, whatever their age.


(Please note that some of our rides require your child to be over the aged of 7, or taller than 1.2m to take part.)


Let us take you for a ride!


We hope you’ve found a ride or two that your kids will love.

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