Christmas is the time for giving!

25 November, 2021

Each year when Christmas time comes around the first thing on everyone’s minds is Christmas trees, presents, the amazing, indulging food and drink, winter wonderland and school nativities.

But there is so much more that goes on, and we love hearing from all the wonderful schools, groups and organisations that are in full force at this magical time of the year, with the true giving at Christmas by helping, giving, and raising money for others.

As always we have a huge amount of requests for donations each week, all year round and we’re sorry we are unable to support everyone (we would if we could!). Each month we put all the donation requests we received into a raffle, jumble them all up and issue tickets for the first ones we pick out!

This Christmas we are extremely proud to be supporting the following schools, groups and organisation by giving each of them complimentary tickets to Oakwood Theme Park next season.

We wish everyone the best of luck with their fundraising and always invite everyone to give us an update on how their events and fundraising activities went.

If you were unsuccessful this time or have an event taking place and are looking for donation requests please take a look at our website here for further information.

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