5 Tips To Beat The Back To School Blues This September

6 September, 2019


The summer holidays have flown past, and suddenly we find ourselves back at ‘that time of the year’ once again. With the action-packed trips away and fun family-days-out done and dusted, it’s no surprise that most of us are filled with dread… especially the kids. Who wouldn’t feel a little down in the dumps when your new-found freedom is suddenly over? But it doesn’t have to be so bad. There are lots of ways to brighten up your September. So without further ado, here are our top 5 tips on how to beat the back to school blues!


Start with a regular daily routine

We know, we know… it’s not super exciting, but it works. When you’ve spent 6 weeks sleeping in and taking it easy, getting up for a day of schoolwork doesn’t sound quite so appealing. I mean… can you blame them? But creating a regular routine makes the adjustment that much easier. 

Encourage the kids to pack their bags, and get their uniforms ready to go the night before. Mornings will run a whole lot smoother, and there will be less stress all round. 

Disclaimer: they still might not be super enthused about their day ahead, but it definitely won’t be as bad. Why not give it a go?

Make time for some family fun

The week definitely goes quicker when you’ve got something awesome planned for the weekend, so schedule in some fun for you and the kids to look forward to. It’ll help them power through the week and you’re guaranteed to have a great time together as a family. If you’re lucky, it’ll feel as if the summer holidays never ended.

Struggling to choose the perfect family outing? There are tons of entertaining activities to choose from, from a gentle bike ride through your local beauty spots to soaking up some knowledge in a museum.

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Get those endorphins going

Our bodies are incredible things. Just a pinch of physical exercise gets those happy chemicals rushing through your veins, and lifting your mood. So what easier way to beat that blue feeling? 

Encourage the kids to get outside, whether that’s kicking a football around the park, jumping on a trampoline in your back garden, or taking a stroll around the block when school’s out. Regularly working up a sweat means a happier body and a happier mind. 


Plan in some play dates

Going back to school doesn’t just mean long lessons and lots of homework. It also means more time to hang out with your mates. This is something we often forget, and so making it a positive element of your September is a great way to lift the spirits in your household. 

But don’t stop there. Amp it up a notch by arranging some after school meetups for your kids and their friends. Whether that’s coming round to hang out and have dinner or pencil in a movie and sleepover on the weekend, it’ll quickly make going back to school seem not quite so bad.  


And finally, set some new goals

Whether that’s riding your favourite rollercoaster at least 20 times before 2020, or beating the marks you got in your last maths quiz, setting a goal gives you something to focus on and get excited about, no matter what your age is. Explain to your kids that the end of the summer doesn’t signal an end to the fun. Instead, it means there’s something new to look forward to. And what’s better than that?


Feeling ready to beat the blues this September? 

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