Blog | Oakwood Theme Park - Part 3

How to Enjoy the Start of Spring

3 April, 2024

The first signs that spring has started to arrive is always an exciting time of year, especially after the cold temperatures and darker evenings of winter. It’s the perfect time of year for a fresh start and a more positive outlook, whether it’s finding ways to embrace the outdoors or simply just appreciating the lighter […]

5 Reasons to Plan a Team Building Day

27 March, 2024

Two crucial elements of any well-run business are communication and a sense of bonding among colleagues. This can be achieved within the office through day-to-day relationship building, but it might help to get your team out of the door doing something different to help them loosen up! So, what’s the solution? A team building day […]

An Introduction to the Pembrokeshire Pirates

13 March, 2024

Pirates have long been a fascinating part of both history and fiction, with stories of Blackbeard, Jack Sparrow and Long John Silver spanning the generations. It has been said that the very first pirates date back to 1350 BC, with inscriptions describing notorious shipping attacks in North Africa. The UK has some very interesting stories […]

Solo Adventure: Visiting a Theme Park on Your Own

11 March, 2024

Going to a theme park with friends is a fantastic way to spend a summer’s day. The sun is shining and the atmosphere within the park is incredible. But in an increasingly hectic world that’s full of family and work commitments, it can be difficult to get everyone free on the same day. So, what’s […]

Top Reasons to Visit Pembrokeshire

13 February, 2024

The UK is known for its breathtaking scenery of rolling hills, vast bodies of water, and exceptional coastlines. But, Pembrokeshire, a county in Wales, is a region that stands out from the rest with outstanding beaches and masses of heritage. Perfect for a staycation, or even just a day trip, Pembrokeshire is the ideal family […]