Zombies Invade Theme Park

14 March, 2014

A Pembrokeshire theme park was overrun by more than 600 zombies and paintballers at the weekend.

Oakwood Theme Park was transformed in to ‘Zombieland’ for the terrifying two-day event which saw paintballing teams battling each other and the living dead to win control of the park.

The extraordinary mass participation challenge was organised by Aberystwyth-based Shoreline Events with teams taking part from across Wales and further afield.


Each team had their own headquarters in the park equipped with plasma screens, live updating maps, radio communications and runners.

“As a company, Shoreline Paintball specialises in running massive events all over the world,” said Tim Barnett, Managing Director, Shoreline Events Ltd.

“Oakwood Theme Park was the most exciting, and probably the most spectacular setting, for a battle ever.

“The event was an enormous success and we look forward to returning back to Oakwood for Zombieland 2 in the near future,” he added.

On Saturday night the players relaxed with an Hawaiian-themed zombie pool party before re-commencing hostilities on Sunday.

After the zombies left the park, staff got on with preparing for the official start of the new season on Friday, April 11th.

Oakwood Theme Park Director, Dominic Jones, said: “To be honest this is the first time we have held an event of this type here at the park and we weren’t entirely sure what to expect.

“However it was genuinely scary to see the park invaded by this bizarre cast of creepy characters and it certainly seemed to go down well with all the participants.

“I guess a deserted theme park is the perfect location for this type of activity and it was certainly a novel experience for all our staff.

“We’re now looking forward to seeing what other events we can host at the park in the near future,” he added.

Set in 88 acres of spectacular countryside Oakwood is Wales’ biggest family adventure with more than 30 exhilarating rides and amazing experiences to discover.

A unique combination of attractions includes world-class roller, tower and sky coasters, spectacular family rides and children’s themed play areas.

Issued by Oakwood Theme Park. For more information please contact Clare Stansfield or Dominic Jones on 01834 815170.