Theme Parks vs Popular TV Shows

29 September, 2023

Have you ever imagined what wonders could be created by blending the magic of television with the thrill of an amusement park? Well imagine no more – we’ve created theme park designs based on some of the most popular family-friendly TV shows. These designs aim to visualise what a theme park might look like if it were featured in each TV show’s ‘universe’.

Are you ready to discover some bizarre, yet amazing theme parks inspired by popular TV shows? From theme park creations based on popular shows like Netflix’s Stranger Things and Comedy Central’s Futurama, there’s plenty of thrills and excitement to be had. So, let’s explore!

Disclaimer: These theme parks aren’t real or upcoming, and Oakwood Theme Park doesn’t offer any of the rides or attractions included. The theme park concepts and rides below are hypothetical and purely for entertainment purposes.


First up, we have our Futurama-inspired theme park, where you can experience a day in the life of Fry, Leela and Bender – better known as the Planet Express crew in charge of handling deliveries in the show.

Set 1,000 years into the future, Futurama gives us a glimpse into an animated future filled with spaceships, space travel, futuristic technology and exciting new gadgets. And since the show has always been out-of-this-world, an imaginary theme park set in the show’s universe would need to match up.

The first thing you’ll notice is that there’s no need to walk anywhere. Instead, you’re encouraged to navigate the theme park on moon buggies (lunar rovers) just like they do at the show’s moon-based theme park, ‘Luna Park’. If you’re looking for a better view of the attractions, you can always take to the skies and travel through the transport tubes.

In true Futurama style, you’re sure to bump into a few aliens and their ships on your visit, whichever mode of transport you choose. From Amazonians to Brain Slugs to Blobs, you’ll quickly learn who’s friendly and who’s not.

Moving onto the rides, the iconic ‘Space Pilot 3000’ spaceship from the show has been cleverly reimagined as an exciting rollercoaster – just look out for the giant green rocket in the middle of the theme park. You can’t miss it.

Here, there’s also a swinging rocket ship instead of the classic pirate ship ride (that’s so last century), alongside a matching spinning rocket ride for the little ones.

Hungry? Grab a quick bite to eat at the ‘Popplers Fried Chicken Shop’. The ‘chicken’ is out of this world – quite literally.


Next up, step into Wednesday Addams’ personal playground that perfectly matches her iconic black-and-white aesthetic. The Netflix show ‘Wednesday’ has been incredibly popular since its release, and we think that a theme park reimagined in the style of the show would be a real strike of genius.

Upon entering through the dark, looming gates to the park, you’ll be greeted by Thing. He’s on hand to guide you around the park and offer any advice – you’ll soon get the hang of what all his gestures and signs mean!

The main attraction is the old, haunted school, Nevermore Academy. Take a tour of the building and grounds where you’ll bump into plenty of different creatures, from vampires to shapeshifters to faceless people. Not a big fan of social interaction? Wednesday would understand, which is why you’re more than welcome to pass by Nevermore on the looping rollercoaster instead and skip the face-to-face interactions with any students and teachers.

Just a short walk away, you can take a train ride and be mesmerised by the self-playing cello in the centre. Wednesday’s famous rendition of ‘Paint it Black’ is just one of the songs you might hear.

Need a break from the monochromatic rides and attractions? Take a ride on Enid’s multicoloured werewolf Ferris wheel, complete with colourful werewolf statues, of course. Even though it’s Wednesday’s world, Enid and her obsession with all things colourful is allowed to have its own place in the theme park, so long as it stays contained at the back of the theme park.  

For a quick refreshment, head over to the Weathervane Coffee Shop just by the train. Tyler should be hanging around in there to brew up a few mugs of black coffee.

The Big Bang Theory

It all started with the big bang. And what better way to showcase the brilliance of this long-running show than by building a theme park concept based on all the inside jokes, experiments and experiences of Sheldon, Raj, Leonard, Howard, and Penny?

Just like the lift in their apartment building, you’ll be greeted by the out-of-order sign and a couple of staircases leading you up to the theme park entrance. Don’t waste your time waiting for somebody to fix it – it’s been that way for years.

Once you’ve climbed the stairs, the first thing on the agenda is a ride on ‘The Flash’. This pays homage to Sheldon Cooper’s favourite comic book superhero. Next, we double dare you to take a ride on the ‘Science Lab’ ride. Don’t worry too much about all the fire – that’s just from a harmless scientific experiment the four friends are trying out!

Climb up ‘DNA Tower’ with all its twists and turns. Or why not get stuck into your own science experiments at one of the many science stations dotted around the park? You might even cook up something worthy of a Nobel prize!

If you fancy a bite to eat, head over to the onsite Cheesecake Factory where you can order Sheldon’s all-time favourite meal. That’ll be one barbecue bacon cheeseburger with the barbecue sauce, bacon, and cheese on the side, just like how he orders it on the show!

Stranger Things

Enter through the gates to the Upside Down universe, where you’ll immediately notice the ‘Shadow Monster’ looming above watching over everything. Will Byer’s isn’t the only one that’s burdened by seeing it in this Stranger Things-inspired theme park.

Continuing with some of the darker themes of the Stranger Things world, one of the first rides to experience is the ‘Demogorgon Drop’. Find out what lurks below the surface if you’re feeling brave enough. You’ll drop down below the ground into the unknown, but the hole looks suspiciously like a gate to the Upside Down with its red hue.

The woods in the centre of the park are also not quite as innocent as they might seem. As you edge closer, you’ll notice the blue specks and dust that tell you you’re not in regular Hawkins anymore. Good luck finding your way through the mist and watch out for the tree trunks underfoot.

Ride the ‘Hawkins Junkyard Hideout’ – the abandoned, ruined school bus rollercoaster that the kids took refuge in. Be sure to look out for any Demogorgons lurking outside!

Do you dare to wander through the ‘Secret Science Lab’ where Eleven was kept? You’ll come face-to-face with the evil scientists and agents who work there and even catch a glimpse of the gate to the Upside Down. If you choose to take a tour through the building, just remember that it’s the scientists and agents you should be wary of here, rather than Demogorgons.

Ready for the more upbeat attractions? The ‘Starcourt Swings’ inspired by the Starcourt Mall, and the ‘Rink-O-Mania’ roller skating rink are perfect for some 80s-themed fun.

Before you hit the road and leave Hawkins in the rear-view mirror, grab an ice cream from ‘Scoops Ahoy’ where you’ll be greeted by Steve and Robin. If the duo are nowhere to be seen, that probably means they’re dealing with something far more important than serving ice cream!

Although these aren’t real theme parks and the attractions mentioned don’t exist, you can still enjoy plenty of theme park fun here at Oakwood. Plan your next visit and check out our opening times and ticket prices.