Spooky Fun at Oakwood

19 October, 2012

Oakwood Theme Park is being over-run by vampires, ghosts and spooky skeletons in the October Half Term Holidays (October 29th-November 2nd).
Guests are being welcomed to the park by spooky music and are encouraged to come in their own Fancy Dress.
Oakwood team members are also planning some extra special surprises for passengers on the ghost train of their Spooky 3D ride.
“The ride takes visitors through the inside of a haunted house with a series of scary effects waiting for them around every corner,” said a spokesperson.
“However in the run up to Halloween we’re adding some real-life characters on selected days to add an extra interactive spooky feel to the ride which should keep even those who have ridden it before guessing where the next surprise will come from,” he added.
To add to the fun and thrills Oakwood team members will be donning their own spooky Halloween costumes.
“We thought it might be tricky to encourage people to dress up but everyone seems to have jumped at the chance to become their favourite spooky characters,” added the spokesperson.
“It’s a little disconcerting to be greeted by a vampire at reception and to watch skeletons and all these other scary figures wandering around the park – it looks like something out of a Scooby Doo cartoon!” he said.