Spookiest Things That Have Happened in Wales

9 October, 2018

It’s that time of year again when the ghouls and ghosts awaken and the howling of werewolves rings through in the full-moon sky. October is well and truly the month of spooks, but the spooks aren’t only for Halloween.
Have you heard the Welsh ghost stories? Grab a cushion to hide behind if you’re easily spooked because these are the scariest things that have happened in Wales, and they’re not for the faint hearted…
The Skirrid Mountain Inn
Said to be one of the oldest pubs in Wales, The Skirrid Mountain Inn is also one of the most haunted Welsh buildings. Located in the small village of Llanvihangel Crucorney, tourists from all over travel to this Tudor-style inn to give their nerves a test.
The inn was once a courtroom where many locals were sentenced to death. Those who met their gruesome hanging fate met it in the pub itself. A noose still hangs from the staircase of the inn, adding extra doom and gloom as you walk up the death staircase to your paranormally active room.
There have been many occurences of slammed doors, flickering lights, broken glasses, and other inexplicable happenings. It’s not just sinister hauntings that you need to be aware off at the inn – employees have reported hearing music, laughter, and the sound of cheerfully clinking glasses from empty rooms.
So, whether you’re after some light-hearted thrills with a bit of fun, or a nightmarish test of your nerves, then the Skirrid Mountain Inn is well worth a visit.  
Sker House
If a little ghostly romance is what you’re after, then Sker House is right up your spooky street. Dating back to the 1000s, the spirits of past residents still wander the halls. It wasn’t until 1797 when Isaac Williams took over the house, and that one of the most famous ghosts in Wales was formed.
Williams’ daughter Elizabeth fell in love with a poor boy from the area – a relationship which Williams did not approve of. Williams discovered his daughter’s plans to run away with her forbidden love, so locked his daughter away and refused to set her free. Elizabeth eventually gave up her love for her freedom and agreed to marry a more respectable man. A few years later she died from a broken heart.
Visitors to Sker House report feeling uneasy and uncomfortable when visiting the property. Many have told of sightings of unknown shadows and dark figures in the room where Elizabeth was locked away. Sounds of high-pitched crying often echo throughout the house, with many assuming the wails are that of a broken-hearted woman.
So, think Pride and Prejudice crossed with Paranormal Activity and you’re onto a winner with Sker House.
Llanthony Secunda Manor
Once owned by King Henry VIII, Llanthony Secunda Manor claims to be one of the most haunted locations in the whole of the United Kingdom. It was originally built in the 12th century as a two-story monastery, which grew in size as the years went on. Due to its religious former residents, some believe that there is a sinister evil presence residing within the manor.
In the 20th century, the building was restored and is now a holiday home, where some tourists know of its ghostly reputation, and others are seemingly unaware of the spooky stay they’re about to encounter.
There have been many reports of paranormal activity all throughout the building’s history, but its latest restorations have seen the property fall victim to a number of paranormal happenings. Guests have reported belongings being mysteriously moved from one end of the room to the other, and the sounds of monks chanting can be heard throughout the property.
If that isn’t enough to send chills down your spine, then the visitors who claim they’ve been pushed by unseen entities might!
Llandaff Fields
Welcome to the most haunted spot in Cardiff. Fields and trees holding hundreds of ghostly secrets come alive in the moonlit ghost tours of Llandaff.
Home to multiple paranormal encounters, Llandaff Fields is certainly not an excursion for the faint hearted. Those who are brave enough to walk the sinister footpaths will experience some serious goose bumps. One of the most famous ghosts to wander the fields is called Bella. Bella is said to have committed suicide 100 years ago in the area and often returns to Llandaff Fields to let the locals know that she’s still around. Other figures have been seen wandering amongst the gravestones in Llandaff’s graveyard, so keep your wits about you if you’re exploring the area.
The banks of the River Taff are a popular starting point for ghost walks and tours. One of the ghostly tales reports of a woman wading through the water searching for her son who drowned years ago. The paths winding in and out of the fields has been said to be filled with many paranormal phenomena such as faceless figures, hooded shadows, and witch-like demons.
Do you dare enter the spooky woodlands of Cardiff? Oh, we forgot to mention that there’s been reports of hearing children laughing and crying as you wander the paths so watch out!
A Haunted Theme Park?
In this month of mysteries, we’ve seen some creepy occurrences even closer to home. Our 3D Ghost Train has been overrun by spooks and spirits – it’s so terrifying, that we’ve named it the “Spooked Alive House of Horrors for Spooktacular”. We also need some help on our Witch Hunt, to track down a rogue witch who’s terrorising the park – think you’re up to the task?
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