RE-cycling shed and planters!

22 January, 2013

Oakwood Theme Park is making use of discarded pallets and other waste material to create a series of useful new features including bike sheds and flower planters.
The recycling scheme is the brainchild of the Pembrokeshire attraction’s maintenance managers, Matt Abel.
Matt’s woodworking skills have helped him create a giant set of wooden planters in the shape of a train and a bike shed to encourage more cyclists to visit the theme park.
“With such a large attraction we are always looking at ways to reduce our waste and increase the amount we are able to recycle,” said Matt.
“We have a number of old wooden pallets on site which weren’t being used for anything and it seemed a shame to just throw them away so I came up with the idea of creating something useful out of them.
“The train was made up of old plant boxes that were removed from the park last season, we pressure washed to clean them up and made them in to a little train that has been planted with daffodils and other seasonal flowers to greet guests when entering the park
“It was a lot of work but I’m really pleased with the results and I can’t wait to see what the train flower planters look like when the daffodils start to bloom.
“Hopefully the fact that we are able to provide a covered shelter for people’s bicycles will also encourage more cyclists to come and visit the theme park,” he added.
As well as providing visitors with a floral welcome to the park, the wooden train will also act as a barrier to direct guests towards Oakwood’s own miniature railway which travels around the park.
Oakwood Theme Park has announced ambitious plans for a massive new investment programme for 2013.
The Pembrokeshire attraction is to spend more than £4m creating a major new family park area. The new development will feature seven new rides and attractions, including a spectacular water ride alongside a series of children’s play areas and other themed attractions.