Oakwood Theme Park To Accept E-Vouchers

22 July, 2015

Oakwood Theme Park has announced it is now able to accept electronic vouchers in addition to the old-style paper ones.
The new initiative is aimed at making life easier for visitors who, up until now, have had to wait up to five days for vouchers to arrive in the post.
The offer is specifically for Tesco vouchers and bosses are confident the new approach will encourage more people to visit.
Oakwood Theme Park’s Clare Stansfield said: “Many of our guests use their Tesco vouchers to part pay for their tickets.
“In the past they have to wait for up to five days before they receive paper vouchers which they can then use instead of cash to buy tickets.
“However under this new scheme we are now also accepting e-vouchers which are usually available within 30 minutes.
“It means people don’t have to make plans almost a week in advance and can decide to visit on the spur of the moment.
“Our aim is to make a visit to Oakwood as easy and as fun as possible and this provides a new time-saving opportunity for our guests,” she added.
The new system, which allows people to almost instantly convert £5.50 worth of Tesco Club Card points for an Oakwood ticket is expected to prove particularly popular with the start of the park’s After Dark events.
Every Wednesday and Saturday throughout July and August the park is open until 10pm, allowing people to visit after they have finished work.
Set in 90 acres of spectacular countryside Oakwood is Wales’ biggest family adventure attraction with more than 30 exhilarating rides and amazing experiences to discover.
A unique combination of attractions includes world-class roller, tower and sky coasters, spectacular family rides, children’s themed play areas and so much more.

Issued by Oakwood Theme Park. For more information please contact Clare Stansfield on 01834 815170 or email [email protected]