Oakwood High Divers Set To Make A Big Splash

28 July, 2014

A team of high divers are set to make a big splash when they officially launch a spectacular new Wild West dive show at Oakwood Theme Park on Friday, August 1st.

High Diving Show at Oakwood Theme Park (Custom)

The divers, who flew into Wales this week, are hard at work constructing and filling their two-metre-deep pool and 25-metre-high diving platforms.

 High diver takes the plunge at Oakwood Theme Park

The five-man team is led by stuntman Aurelien Henry, from France, who has more than 10 years’ experience and has performed all over the world including Taiwan, the Philipines, Denmark and throughout Europe.

Other members include Australian diver of the year Matthew Duffy, diver and trampolinist Jonathan Toussaint, and two British divers; Irish diving champion Sean McCormack and international diver Ben Dickens.

 High Diving show up

It’s a welcome return to Wales for the high diving team and organisers at the Pembrokeshire park are confident this year’s show will be the most spectacular ever.

“The dive team are based in France and made up of international athletes who have competed at the highest levels,” said Oakwood Theme Park’s Clare Stansfield.

“Having spoken to the divers they told me that, when they are at the very top of the dive platform, the pool below appears so small that they can completely cover it with their feet!” she added.

Described as ‘aerial theatre’, the show is a mixture of comedy, music, acrobatics and high diving.

 High Diving Show synchronised

The divers plunge into the eight-metre-wide pool both singly and in groups from a variety of heights culminating in dives from the top of the 25-metre platform. Adding to the excitement they face a series of extra challenges – including being set alight!

·       The Wild West High Dive Show is on daily throughout August. Each show lasts approximately 30 minutes and is included in the admission price to the park. Visit www.oakwoodthemepark.co.uk for details or call01834 815170.

Issued by Oakwood Theme Park. For more information please contact Clare Stansfield on 01834 815170.