First week of opening

2 April, 2010

Distinct lack of blogging of late – sorry guys been manic with the reopening of the park. LOADS of stuff has been happening at Oakwood – here’s a brief round up for you …

KO the police dog came for a visit with his handler Sharon Gibby!

The dog section use Oakwood for training during our closed period and Sharon, who passed her course in February, completed much of her training here. Personnally, I’m a sucker for a big dog and the gorgeous KO was no exception!

Danger Mouse opened the park for 2010!/strong>
The fearless mouse popped down to Pembrokeshire to officially open the park for 2010 and, of course, to check out Speed and Megafobia!

New Bounce sculpture unveiled

One of our Ash trees needed to be cut down but rather than just remove it we got an amazing chainsaw sculptor to do this …

Furry friends arrive
We had a lovely arrival this week – rabbits and guinea pigs. They were a bit shy when they saw the camera but here’s a sneak preview for you …