Bounce – Information For Guests

11 July, 2024

During early afternoon on Wednesday 10th July, our drop tower ride Bounce experienced an emergency stop (e-stop) procedure during guest operation. Like all our rides, Bounce monitors key control parameters during each ride cycle. Should any of these parameters fall out of their programmed range, an e-stop activation is the programmed and expected outcome.

Daily testing of e-stop procedures is performed on all of our rides as part of our pre-opening inspection protocols. We also test daily our procedures to recover from an e-stop, which in the case of Bounce, is the manual controlled lowering of the passenger gondola from the ride brakes to the ground. This process is completed by our ride engineering team only.

The travel of the Bounce passenger gondola is regulated by several factors. Unlike some other similar rides, Bounce is not a ‘free fall tower’. The passenger gondola is permanently connected to large steel cables of a set length, which in turn ensures both a maximum and minimum height of travel. Large shock absorbers installed on the ride, provide a cushion at the highest and lowest sections of travel. Rubber bumpers below the passenger gondola provide a definitive stop point.

Height and position are monitored parameters of the ride, and when the ride system identified an event outside the control parameters on a ride cycle yesterday afternoon, an e-stop procedure was activated, bringing the ride to an immediate stop within the braking zone, as expected and as programmed in the control system.

Our ride engineering team attended the ride immediately, and completed the manual controlled lowering procedure enabling all guests to disembark. A small number of guests complained of minor lower back pain after disembarking the ride, which we believe to be as a direct result of the e-stop braking. Assistance was provided by our onsite team of first aiders, and most guests continued their day at Oakwood Theme Park.

As is always the case in such an occurrence, we have consulted with the ride control system manufacturer, who are attending site today. We have temporarily closed Bounce to enable them to complete their works, and to aid our internal investigation. Our other rides remain open as planned.