7 Date Ideas With A Difference

9 July, 2024

Spending time with your partner is not only a great way to enhance the fun in your relationship, but it can also strengthen the bond you have with someone to enjoy a few shared experiences. Having said that, it can be tricky to think of date ideas, with there being so many options freezing you into indecision.

It’s a good job we’re here to break down 7 date ideas with a difference, helping you to cater each experience to your relationship with a wide range of activities and budgets.

Find your nearest beach

The beach is a great way to spend the day during the summer months, with the calming waves of the ocean and gentle sea breeze calming the mind and allowing you and your partner to simply relax together.

This option is completely budget-friendly, with the option to not spend a penny by taking drinks and snacks down to the beach with you. Or you can check out some beach restaurants and tuck into local cuisine.

Remember to pack some sunscreen to avoid burning, even when there’s more cloud than sunshine.

Cook together

It’s often said that the way to anyone’s heart is through the stomach, and that’s why cooking together can make a great date.

Not only is it a cheaper alternative to going out, but it can also help to strengthen your relationship by showcasing what a great team you are, picking up on each other’s strengths and helping each other’s weaknesses!

Pick a dish that you both love and have fun creating a gastronomic masterpiece. Some ideas could be the food you had on your first date or taking it in turns to cook each other’s favourite meal together.

As well as enjoying the experience of cooking together, having a good chat over a great meal is absolutely brilliant!

Visit a theme park

If you’ve ever experienced the thrill of visiting a theme park with friends, the laughter and exhilaration during the ride and the great feeling after, then you’d almost certainly enjoy it with a partner.

Oakwood has loads of thrill rides as well as family-friendly rides for those who aren’t excited about the idea of big drops and high speeds!

As well as this, there are plenty of eateries to stop for a spot of lunch, offering everything from burgers to pizzas. You can also find café snacks and for a more sit-down dining experience, try the Oak Tree Restaurant.

Make sure to book your tickets in advance to make sure your journey isn’t wasted!

Explore your local castle

If you’re lucky enough to have a castle close by, then they are great places to go on a date. Not only are they fantastic examples of history, but they are generally surrounded by towns and cities. What could be more romantic than strolling around a medieval town or city with the backdrop of a castle?

Act out your knight in shining armour dreams as you swoop in and rescue your partner for a bit of fun and commemorate the occasion by making use of the extensive gift shops that some larger castles boast.

Go karting

Fans of F1, fancy yourself as the next Max Verstappen, or maybe you and your partner simply have a competitive streak? Then go-karting is right up your street!

Go head-to-head on the track setting the fastest lap times you can and compete for bragging rights that are sure to be a great source of fun.

Extend the fun by booking out a few sessions with a quick food break in between so that you can give it everything you’ve got.

Try the driving range

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or an absolute beginner, the driving range can be an excellent date for learning a skill together or potentially competing to see who can hit the ball the furthest!

Being each other’s cheerleaders is a great way to build connections and demonstrate the teamwork that is so important in a relationship! 

Try cocktail making

Whether you drink alcohol or not, cocktail (or mocktail) making is great fun to do with a partner. You can get thousands of free recipes online to make at home with just a few ingredients.

If you’re feeling adventurous you can even develop your own concoctions to wet your whistle.

Whether it’s part of pre-drinks before a night on the town or your full evening, cocktail-making with your partner is great fun and well worth a shot (or two)!

When we get comfortable, it can be easy to continue along a well-trodden path, but by exploring things outside of your comfort zone, you can continue to breathe life into your romantic life and strengthen the roots of your relationship.

We hope to see you and your partner down at Oakwood Theme Park having lots of fun soon! Don’t forget to book your tickets in advance to save.